A new concept of ``100 miles``: in Ipertrail it makes little sense to talk about km and D +. This, rather than being a race, is a proof of Resilience. With a capital R.

Ipertrail “The wildest and most Resilient Endurance Run”

S1 Ipertrail

Distance and Ascent 167 km 6600 D+
Route is marked? NO, GPS Only
Date and time (even years) 4/01 h 22.00 e 5/01 h 8.00
Start/Finish: Visogliano, Trieste
Refreshment points: 6 box stations + pasta party
Registrations: Invitations only
Price: € 267
Time limit 48 ore

A perfect ring, starting on the seashore, first along the Gulf of Trieste and then entering the highlands of Bora to the snows of the mountains of Slovenia


A route that summarizes all the variety of landscape and terrain, from the dry dolomitic limestone to the snowy peaks . Sections where navigation takes place at view and with GPS  along wild tracks that then lead to comfortable and beaten paths. Every stretch is a surprise, every mile a challenge to adaptation.



The trails are marked with hiking trails, and the use of GPS is essential.



Ipertrail revolutionizes the concept of” autonomy “.  The refreshment points are every 20 km and consist of a BOX. In this box competitors will decide what to find: two meal vouchers for Golac and Brgod points and food and drink equipment provided by the competitor.


At the Ipertrail refreshment point, there will be staff available for emergencies and control, but the management of resources will be completely on the competitor’s responsibility. It ‘s true that you can choose what to find at the refreshment, but it is equally true that the choice will be made before the race and throughout the course of the race you will have to support yourself with what you have chosen to find.


This is a management of equipment and food makes the race similar to an expedition: planning must be done carefully and without underestimating its importance. For the preparation of food and hot drinks, a camp stove will be available in use. Plan ahead and do not miss planning: a key element in long races. Everything must be decided first, and decisions must cope with the unexpected. This is Ipertrail.


Only, alone, but always safe.
Every need will be monitored constantly, 24 hours a day, via satellite from the organization,  ready to intervene in case of difficulty. An Ipertrail satellite call rescue service will be available to race competitors in order to guarantee safety without altering the spirit of adventure of an extreme challenge like Ipertrail. But not only! If you get lost and exit the track we’ll know it in real time, and we’ll warn you with a message!



Ipertrail before being a race is a strategy . The fastest and the most skillful wins. Not the fastest and just. When you want, decide your strategy. The stopwatch starts with you.


Individual or team hypertrail 

The best way to experience this experience is to participate in Ipertrail as a team.

The teams will have a separate classification.

  1. The Ipertrail team should not be ever separated , on pain of disqualification.
  2. The Ipertrail team must have a team leader  who is in charge of the group: it is the team leader who performs the assessment of the suitability of team members.
  3. It is not necessary to present the individual curriculum.
  4. Teams of 2 or 3 or 4 members are allowed.  In all cases at least 2 members must arrive at the end, for the validity of the race .
  5. Withdrawals must only be made at the refreshment and checkpoints and promptly reported.
  6. The team will have 1 BOX for the foreman, the other members will be able to send a bag of up to 40 Liters  (an all-weather resistant bag is recommended ‘humidity)
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