S1 fun: A very fast route, with asphalted stretches: dirt road and trail, always safe and never exposed, but with a breathtaking view.

50% asphalt and 50% dirt,

Pure fun for everyone.

S1 Just fun

Distance and Ascent 7.7 km and 320 D+
Date and Time January 6th 2019 h 12.00
Start/Finish Villaggio del Pescatore -> Visogliano
Numero di ristori: 1 + finish line + pasta party
Registration closes January 3rd 2019 (max 250 runners)
Price: € 20 (Until December 1st)
Shuttle service: Yes

S1 fun is a trail of 8 km that is almost an urban trail, suitable for road runners and perfect for those who normally prefer asphalt and do not like long distances.

The spirit S1 meets the experience of Trieste Atletica and is condensed in a path suitable for those who run mainly on road.  This race is focused on the speed, and is perfect for those that wants a short and fast distance where the running gesture is central. This trail is also perfect for those who are approaching the world of Trail Running, but also for children aged 14 and over. 

S1 fun, a rule  valid for all : Just have fun! 

All the services and organization of the Corsa della Bora will wait for you at your arrival: wardrobe service, shuttles, pasta party and a beautiful race pack!

Ready to run?

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