Race Rules
S1J, S1H, S1T, S1i

“S1T, S1H, S1I And S1I Team” are running, hiking and outdoor living competitions, for the promotion of the territory of the province of Trieste, to support the outdoor enthusiasts activities and the culinary and natural resources of Sgonico- Zgonik municipalities, the City of Monrupino- Repen, City of San Dorligo Della Valle – Občina Dolina, Trieste and Duino / Devin Nabrežina. The aim of the event is to promote the tourism and knowledge of the territoriy of Slovenia and Friuli Venezia Giulia.
While reaffirming respect and friendship with the events of athletics, we indeed, for security reasons, have to emphasize the difference of this race from such events. If you are used to  FIDAL trail regulations and emergency standards, you might find the requirements of this race far too restrictive. The Corsa della Bora takes place in a hostile environment, in cold period, and has nothing to do with road running.  Competitors must relate to this event with the prospective and the rules of hiking, mountain running.  Here you have to deal with the natural environment autonomously, without underestimating the organizers rules and regulations. We wrote the regulations acting in the interest of the maximum security of the competitors and with knowledge of the natural environment, counting on  years experience in mountaineering. The event takes Transboundary character in S1T and S1I issues affecting the municipalities of Slovenes Občina Hrpelje – Kozina and Koper Občina The exhibition is made up of Sky Trail races in the semi-autonomous, non-profit organized by ASD volunteers Path 1 in cooperation with the Local Corporations, Authorities and people who believe in these values. The races are affiliated with ITRA, IUTA, UTMB and AICS. There is no provision in either costs or obligations in this respect for the athletes.

The races are:

Sentiero 1 Trail, “la Corsa della Bora”: 57.10km / 2526m+ ITRA code:  5954-19595, acronim S1T
CERTIFIED ROUTE: http://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/44945

Sentiero 1 Half: 21.00km / 542m+ codice ITRA: 5954-19857, acronim S1H.
CERTIFIED ROUTE: http://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/44946

Sentiero 1 Ipertrail” – 165.20km / 6640m+ codice ITRA: 5954-19853, acronim S1I
CERTIFIED ROUTE: http://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/45050

Sentiero 1 Ipertrail Team” – 165.20km / 6640m+ codice ITRA: 5954-19855, abbreviato S1I Team
CERTIFIED ROUTE: http://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/45051

Sentiero 1 Just” – 7.90km / 190m+ codice ITRA 5954-25591 , abbreviato S1J
CERTIFIED ROUTE: http://tracedetrail.fr/fr/trace/trace/44949

The races are competitive of nature, require the equipment described in this Regulation and take place in a single stage. The S1I race can also be completed in team and is subject to special conditions for participation mentioned in “PARTICIPATION IPERTRAIL”

The races are so identified and quantified according to ITRA scale.



There will be a general classification with the arrival times and published on the site www.s1trail.com. The distinct categories in the ranking are “men” and “women.” There are prizes in money and in goods or services. Special prizes are awarded to the first arrived and a gift of the race stating the title of “Finisher” will be given to those who completed the race within the time limit. There is also a special gift for all the participants if the race, that will be given at the bib distribution. Please refer for more details to FEE AND GOODIE BAG

All those who have finished three or more editions of the race will be entitled to be listed on the Wall of the Senators. The senators are entitled to special conditions in registration, special prizes and additional services depending on their degree of participation seniority. Registration as a senator is not transferable to third parties and, in addition to the overall ranking, gives access to a special ranking of only senators.


The path is classified as:

“S1T”: RED mark, definition CAI: “EE itinerary for expert hikers. Route that requires the ability to move on particular land, tracks and trails impassable or treacherous (slopes with rocky outcrops or detrital), sometimes exposed. ”

“S1H” sticker BLUE, definition CAI: “Italian hiking itinerary. Itinerary that takes place almost always on trails or on varied terrain (pastures, detritus, stony) with reports. It develops, at times, on open grounds but not difficult. It may be conducted on steep slopes. ” In all races there are no sections requiring rock climbing skills.

“S1I”: RED mark, definition CAI: “EE itinerary for expert hikers. Route that requires the ability to move on particular land, tracks and trails impassable or treacherous (slopes with rocky outcrops or detrital), sometimes exposed. “The S1I path also requires a high degree of autonomy and ability to face hostile climate and rough terrain, snow and frozen, in addition to the management of the energy and resources in an environment with  temperatures that can vary from a range of 12 to -12 degrees. On the road book and specific map (available both on the race site) indicates the type of fund marked with color. All documents have precise indication os the most challenging sections, meaning climbs and steep descents or stretches of very bumpy path.

S1T takes place along the Municipality of San Dorligo Della Valle – Občina Dolina, Slovenia common Občina Hrpelje – Kozina and Koper Občina and again the City of San Dorligo della Valle, Trieste, Duino / Devin Nabrežina with the following refreshment points: Refreshment Point Beka (km 5,5, liquid) Refreshment Point Dolina (13 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Casa Flinko Draga S. Elia (19.8 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Napoleonica (33 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Prosecco (39,5 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Santa Croce (46 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Aurisina (50 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Sistiana, arrival (57 km, liquid and solid) for a total of about 57 km and an elevation gain of about 2500 meters.

The type of fund you come to is divided as follows: 5% asphalt, 40% dirt, 55% trail

“S1H” takes place along the town of Trieste and Duino / Devin Nabrežina with the following refreshment points: Refreshment Point Napoleonica (km 0, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Prosecco (5,5 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Santa Croce (11,7 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Aurisina (15,5 km, liquid and solid) Refreshment Point Sistiana, arrival (21,5 km, liquid and solid) “S1I” takes place along the Sgonico- Zgonik municipalities, the City of Monrupino-Repen, City of San Dorligo Della Valle – Občina Dolina, Občina Koper (SLOVENIA) Herpelje-Kozina (SLOVENIA), Trieste and Duino / Devin Nabrežina with refreshment points “ipertrail” at about 20 km from each other. The official routes are available on the website tracetrail.fr to SENTIEROUNO profile with unique identification code 11164 Notes, points of interest and annotations are present on the official trace of tracetrail.fr

“S1 J”: BLUE label, definition CAI: “It hiking itinerary.” It takes place entirely in the municipality of Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina, provides a single liquid refreshment at km 4. This is a path without exposed or dangerous sections, equipped with guardrails and signs with a suitable terrain also for the less experienced runners. Despite being a simple and accessible to the athletes do not specialize in mountain running route, remember that we are still in a natural environment and winter period, so you should always be cautious and not underestimate the weather conditions.

It is advisable to study well the technical documentation and the “Race Guide” available from the official website, which will be published within thirty days of the start of the race. Competitors must comply strictly with the race course marked with flags of reflective tape with the logo of the event. Any signs of different colors are to be neglected as they indicate directions foreign to the “CAI 1”. On official arrows of “CAI 1” is always given the abbreviation S1 and the name of the race, any other different type of arrows must therefore be neglected. In case you don’t see any marking for 100 meters (S1T & S1H) you need to return to the previous marking and look for markings. The choice of an alternative route different from  the official route, will result in disqualification from the race, and will take place at the sole risk of the competitor.


The opening date for entries is April 7, 2017. To enroll in S1T races, and S1H S1I Relay all the athletes who have reached 14 years have enabled the agonistic activity with requirements specified in Section “MEDICAL CERTIFICATION” and have accepted these rules and release at the bottom (or the parent’s signature legal guardian in the case of minors). To enroll in S1I races all athletes who have reached 18 years have enabled the agonistic activity with requirements specified in Section “MEDICAL CERTIFICATION”

It ‘also important and necessary:

  • Be aware of the length and the characteristics of the race;
  • To be fit and trained for this event;
  • Have acquired, before the race, a real ability in the mountains personal autonomy, to be able to better manage the problems arising from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold);
  • Knowing how to manage physical or mental problems caused by the great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle pain or joints, small wounds etc.
  • Be aware that the Organization’s role is not to help a runner to manage these problems.
  • In case of under-age athletes participating to the race we ask the legal tutors to be aware of these three aspects:
  • The under age athlete has the physical and psychological characteristics to address the competition
  • The under age athlete has the technical knowledge to address it.
  • That can walk or run the trail  in conditions that are not a hindrance or danger to other competitors.

Registration is via the internet or in the event kiosks, in the manner specified on the official website. Please note that to participate to this race you do not need the membership to any association or federation. The registration will close once the maximum number allowed participants is reached. This number is decided by the security committee of the race. On the web site will be published the final list of the registered runners. A runner is registered and confirmed once all the required information is provided, the payment done, accepted and confirmed by the organization.


Please note that the only exchanges we allow of BIB numbers and registrations are only through the online form called “cambio pettorale”. This form must be completed in its entirety within 48 hours from the start of the race on s1trail.com/swap page, no amendment shall be permitted, change or assignment which is not made online through the form procedure. No refunds of any kind are given, but competitors may transfer to third parties the bib and race packet according to what explained before. No bib number withdrawals or race packages are allowed by delegation, except the ones requested with the proxy form to retire online called “delega al ritiro” to s1trail.com/proxy page. This form must be completed in its entirety within 48 hours of actual bib withdrawals. No other kinds of delegation are accepted. BIB changes for S1i are allowed only if participants have the same participation requirements and not over one month from the race start.


The cost for registration is:

La Corsa della Bora  – 8 km – S1 Just:
EUR 10 registration and underage athletes and students without goodie bag
EUR 15 registration underage athletes and students with goodie bag
EUR 20 standard registration without goodie bag
EUR 25 standard registration with goodie bag
EUR 29 standard registration without goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB

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La Corsa della Bora  – 21 km – S1 Half:

EUR 17 senators registration, underage athletes and students without goodie bag
EUR 20 senators registration, underage athletes and students with goodie bag
EUR 25 standard registration before August 30 with goodie bag
EUR 25 group and clubs registration before October 30 with goodie bag
EUR 29 standard registration with goodie bag after September 1st
EUR 29 standard registration  without goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB
EUR 35 registration from December 1st  to December 23rd


The Bora Race – 57 km – S1 Trail:
EUR 40 senators registration, underage athletes and students without goodie bag
EUR 48 senators registration, underage athletes and students with goodie bag
EUR 50 standard registration before August 30th  with goodie bag
EUR 53  group and clubs registration before October 30th  with goodie bag
EUR 65 standard registration with goodie bag  after September 1st
EUR 60 registration  without goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB before December 1st
EUR 70 registration December 1 to 23 with goodie bag
EUR 70 registration  without goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB after December 1st


Ipertrail – The Bora Race – 167 km – S1 Iper:

EUR 167 ipertrailer 2017 with light goodie bag
EUR 200 ipertrailer 2017, with full goodie bag
EUR 239 Standard registration with full goodie bag before August 30, with installment payment and balance of at least one installment at the time of enrollment
EUR 260 Standard registration with full goodie bag after August 30
EUR 260 registration no goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB


Ipertrail TEAM – The Bora Race – 167 km – S1 Iper:

EUR 100 ipertrailer 2017 with light goodie bag
EUR 160 ipertrailer 2017, with full goodie bag
EUR 190 Standard registration with full goodie bag before August 30, with installment payment and balance of at least one installment at the time of enrollment
EUR 210 Standard registration with full goodie bag after September 1st
EUR 210 registration with no goodie bag with Soccorso Alpino BIB


NB: The team must be composed of at least two people, the case of transition from “Team” to “Single” involves the payment of the price difference


All (even those without a goodie bag) the registration fees include:

  • Organizational and support services described in this regulations and on the website
  • Gift in the goodie bag given with the BIB number.
  • Finisher Medal
  • Logistic and shuttle services described in the program of the event
  • Insurance with accident coverage of the race.
  • Shower and lockers service
  • Pasta Party
  • Cloakroom service
  • For S1I the price includes use during the race of the device of real-time tracking and services for rescue as well as constant monitoring 24su24 by an operator of each individual competitor. For the S1i finishers the wooden personalized box is the finisher gift.


For the runners choosing the option “pacco gara” – “goodie bag” the registration included the goodie bag, given at the bib collection.



The payment can be made online by credit card or bank transfer. For reduced price entries, made on any date before September 1st, payment must be made before September 1st. For registrations made after September 1st,  the payment has to be done within 7 days from the date of registration. In the absence of payment notices, after seven days, the registration will be canceled.

Are allowed to compete all those who received from a sports doctor a certification to practice competitive sports. Such certification must be valid and specify the ability to perform high cardiovascular activities (B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6). Adding that foreign athletes applies the same request. The athlete has to be in possession of it to ensure its safety and security.

To pick up the BIB number is not necessary to come with mandatory equipment. The BIB numbers pick ups with delegation will be accepted only on filling out the online form available on www.s1trail.com/proxy
Times and place of the withdrawal are indicated in the Race Guide www.s1trail.com/raceguide
and on the www.s1trail.com/programma event program

Competitors must present themselves at the BIB check at the stand of the timekeepers set up near the starting line, near the border of Pesek, January 6, before 7.15 am, at 7.30 am the race will start.

Competitors must present themselves at the BIB check at the stand of the timekeepers set up near the starting line, at the Obelisk of Opicina, January 6, before 11.15 am, race starts at 11.30

Ipertrail before being a race is strategy. Wins the fastest and the most skillful. Not just the fastest.
Start whenever you want, decide your race strategy. The stopwatch starts with you.

EXPEDITION: from 38 to 45 hours
For those who want to walk or stop to sleep for a few hours. You have more time, but you pay it with an extra night! Departure at 22.00 on January 4, 2018.
RUNNER: 30 to 38 hours of time
For those who run or alternate fast walking with stops not too long. Minimize the hours of darkness, but you do not have to waste time! Start 05.00 am on January 5, 2018
IperRUNNER: under 29 hours of time For those who run. Departing after a good night’s sleep and a comfortable wakeup, but if you do not run well you will not arrive at the end!
Start 10.00 am on January 5, 2018

– We’ll advise you when you leave, you make the decision
– Decide the starting group 24 hours from the race.

Competitors must present themselves to the chest punching at the starting line to Villaggio del Pescatore, no later than 12:45 on January 6th , starting January 6 to 12.00.


for “S1 TRAIL LA CORSA DELLA BORA 8 KM”: 3 hours, before  15.30 of January 6th 2018.

for “S1 TRAIL LA CORSA DELLA BORA 21 KM”: 6 hours, before  17.15 of January 6th 2018.

for “S1 TRAIL LA CORSA DELLA BORA 57 KM”: 12 hours, before  19.30 of January 6th 2018,

Time barrier 1: 13.15 at km 19,5 – Ristoro Flinko

Time barrier 2:  18.00 at km 46 – Ristoro Santa Croce

per “S1 TRAIL LA CORSA DELLA BORA 167 KM” Ipertrail: 45 hours, before midnight of January 6th 2018. Time Barriers at Dolina and Zagrad


Any withdrawal must be reported to the race staff on the path, which will organize the transport of any competitor to the finish line. The competitors who drop off and wish to continue on the trail must first return the BIB number, then may continue under their own responsibility and in complete it in autonomy. The organization will provided a service check and cleaning of the trail, that will travel the path following the last competitor, in order to help to prevent any injured withdrawn and remain without assistance.

The races are run in semi-autonomy. The semi-autonomy in the “Sentiero 1” is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, with regard to its security, nutrition and equipment, with the ability to be ready to deal with unexpected problems, for example adverse weather, physical complaints, small wounds etc. The water supply can be made by natural water sources along the way, marked on the map and on the road book or at the refreshment points. In order to limit the production of waste, at the refreshments there are no plastic cups, and the use of plastic will be minimized, thus is MANDATORY that each competitor has with him a drinking vessel (except  for S1 Just). On the arrival line, each participant can enjoy a complete rest and a meal offered by the organization.

The compulsory equipment will be checked randomly, before the start or during the competition. We remind you that in 2016 there have been 10 disqualifications and many penalties for absence of compulsory gear. The controls are done by our Staff and are carried out with impartiality and scrupulous observance of the rules. On the route there are staff members of the organization, volunteers of Civil Defence and Mountain Rescue, in constant contact with the base. Next to the finish area there is an ambulance carrying medical and paramedical staff, ready to intervene. Along the route we set up control points, where the organization staff will monitor the passage of the athletes. It is mandatory to have the number clearly visible, when passing by a control point. Bibs on the leg are not allowed. We advise to make sure you are properly registered ad each passage, in case of failure to register or failure to pass a checkpoint, the disqualification is applied. Each runner, injured or distressed, may request the assistance of the Organization:

  • presenting an official point of control
  • calling a number of the organization
  • asking another runner to alert the rescue

It is compulsory assist all those in state of danger, and if necessary alert the rescue. In the event that a competitor has lost some time to assist another competitor injured or in difficulty, can ask the Jury reducing the time spent doing so, and it will be updated on the official rankings.


The winter period and the geographical area make it the highly variable and unpredictable weather conditions offering attendees conditions that can vary from almost spring sun and dry soil, wind gusts of 150 km / h, temperatures below freezing and ice.

Compulsory equipment FOR S1J:

  • Pants and long-sleeved, or combination that in case of need to cover arms and legs completely.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • cup, only for those who want to make use of the dining
  • Gloves, hat and jacket just in case of bad weather, communication will be given in the news section of the site s1trail.com with weather bulletin to 12 hours from the race.

S1 Trail is a race environment that can be hostile with energy demanding trails. The winter period and the geographical area make the weather the highly variable and unpredictable,  offering to the competitors conditions that can vary from almost spring sun and dry soil, or wind gusts of 150 km / h or temperatures below freezing and ice. For varying conditions, and the fact that the race is considered reserved for those who are in physical conditions and with the experience to deal with this ground, the race rules don’t talk about “mandatory equipment”. We specify however the gear considered necessary, by the organizing committee, to deal safely and conscientiously the trail, warning that anyone who decides to go on the trails in an unsafe condition, it does so with the awareness of risking his own, and eventually the ‘others’ safety and that consequently the cost of a possible rescue, as well as any damage caused to the Organization or to other competitors, will be in total responsibility of the person.  The Organization rejects from now any wrongdoing or liability claims for damages by the person concerned, or of those entitled, in case of injury or death during the event. The lack of an object or objects referred to as “equipment to be safe on  the trails” involves the application of penalties and possibly disqualification. It ‘important to know that in case of emergency needs, the morphology of the territory or the weather conditions of the moment,  the rescue might be waited for longer than expected. In this scenario, the security depends on the material that the competitor have in his/her backpack.


Equipment to be safe on the trails:

  • Head torch or torch with batteries installed and charged. (Even those who plan to complete the race before dark is required to have with them this material, because as any unforeseen accidents, the wrong path or another, could be prolonging the estimated time of arrival. The participants in the 21 km are explicitly required to have with them a head lamp or small hand emergency flashlight.
  • At least 350 ml of liquid.
  • Double-layer thermal or thermal padded jacket (ie: long sleeves and waterproof and windproof shell or padded jacket waterproof and windproof for those who wear short sleeves)
  • Long pants or combination of shorts and leggings such as to cover the entire leg in case of need
  • Emergency blanket
  • Emergency whistle
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Roadbook of the path (this behind the bib).
  • Phone with the organization numbers
  • Drinking cup
  • Only S1I: GPS device or Compass and maps and GPS tracking device provided by the organization always on.

It recommended, for a better race experience, to bring the following gear:

  • Long sleeve sweater or warm clothing extras
  • Scarf or buff windproof.
  • folding sticks,
  • Ice crampons


Given the extreme climate and weather variability, the organization will publish three weather bulletins on www.s1trail.com site to the “news” section with the following timing.

Weather report 3: 5 days from the race, to inform about trail conditions and weather forecasts.
Weather report 2: 2 days after the race in the first update to the Bulletin
Weather report 1: 12 hours of departure with the latest updates and results of the last survey on the course. In conjunction with the weather reports the organization will be made additions or changes to equipment suggested.


There is a real chance to find the icy sections on all race courses. The organization therefore reserves to make COMPULSORY to participate in the competition the following items:

ICE Crampons as described in this image, for S1T and S1I races
Micro ice spikes, as described in this image,  for S1H

The obligatory nature those items will be announced at the latest on the occasion of the third weather report. The estimated a probability of having those items as compulsory is 10%

The race takes place in natural environment. Competitors must keep respect the environment, in particular avoiding drop litter, pick flowers and harass wildlife. The competitors will disqualified in case of voluntary abandonment of waste along the way.

The organization will check for any GEL, bars and wrapped consumable material and be sure that is marked with the competitor’s bib number. This just in order to identify any waste abandoned along the way. During the race it will be possible to re integrate food stocks at the refreshment points, and the competitor will find a permanent marker to mark all the wraps.

Competitors may leave a personal bag, which must be contained in the bags provided by the organization (45 L, size 48 × 75), upon departure and collect it on arrival. Showers will be available at the finish line. Competitors can take advantage of a cloakroom service at the start.

The bags drop off will be organized on:

  • On the morning of January 6 at the bib collection
  • On the morning of January 6 at the starting line.

We will accept only the bags provided by the organization and marked clearly with the race number.

The enrollment price also includes the use of the shuttle to go to the start line and the general shuttle service published on www.s1trail.com site.  To be entitled to use the shuttle, is compulsory to book the service in advance, within the December 23, through the form called “SHUTTLE” on the site www.s1trail.com/shuttle

NB: In 2017 many competitors showed up without a reservation, causing great inconvenience for both the organization and participants, due to this in absence of reservation will be denied access to the shuttle.

It allowed the use of sticks at the condition that you have to keep them all the time, from departure to arrival. It is forbidden to get them during the race or abandon them along the way. The use of means of transport other than those provided in the regulation is strictly forbidden.

The voluntary registration and subsequent participation in the race indicate full acceptance without reservation the current regulations and ethics of the race, consulted on www.s1trail.com By registering, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, civil or criminal , for damage to persons and / or property caused by him or his derivatives, before during and after the race and waives any claim for compensation. The release must be completed, signed and delivered before the delivery of the breastplate, which will take place only after receipt of the above.



The Organization’s staff present on the path is allowed to verify compliance with the regulation by the runners and inform the race jury identified breaches. The race jury will apply the penalties according to the following table. The time penalties are applied immediately after the race or in the following days with an extra time listed on the official classification.

  • Conscious Littering:  disqualification
  • Starting from a point of control over the time limit: disqualification
  • Cutting a greater than 300m stretch of path: disqualification
  • Failure to pass a checkpoint: disqualification
  • Refusal to take control: disqualification
  • External assistance to an Ipertrail competitor: disqualification
  • Cheating: Using a means of unauthorized transport, sharing or exchange of race number: disqualification and ban for life
  • Insults and threats to volunteers or employees of the Organization: disqualification and ban for life
  • Four rules breaches, concurrent or cumulative: disqualification
  • Contestation of the rules or a lack of respect for the race staff: disqualification
  • 30 penalty minutes in the case of consumption, transport or use of wrapped supplements or gels without the number of the users bib.
  •  30 minutes for each missing object from the required gear list.


Complaints are accepted only written complaints within 30 minutes after the arrival of the last competitor, with safety deposit of € 300.00.

The official version of the Regulation is written in English. Disputes or interpretation doubts should be resolved by faith to the original version. The official page is http://www.s1trail.com/en/rules/

All allegations of irregularities must be sent in within 30 minutes after the last competitor is arrived and will be evaluated only if they include:

  • clear and unambiguous photographic documentation or
  • Testimony of three persons (we will cross check with the race data in our possession).

If a complaint of irregularities will be found justified, we will proceed immediately to apply sanctions to the regulations, with the guarantee of complete anonymity.

31 – JURY The jury consists of:

  • by the Director of the race
  • by the security coordinator
  • by the head of the medical team
  • by the heads of local checkpoints into question
  • of all competent persons designated by the President of the Organizing Committee.

The jury is authorized to give a ruling in the time compatible with the imperatives of the race, on all disputes or disqualifications occurred during the race. The decisions will be without appeal.

The organization subscribes to a civil liability insurance for the entire period of the race. Participation is under the full responsibility of the competitors, which waive any recourse against the organizers in case of damage or other consequences arising after the race. On collecting the race number, the competitor must sign a liability release discharge.

By entering, participants authorize the organization to freely use, without territorial limits of time, still and moving images that portray them on the occasion of participation in the “SENTIERO 1”.

The Organization is committed to publishing on www.s1trail.com website with the “news” updates on the course and race conditions.

As of December 23, the competitors will have in digital form available for download a “Race Guide.” The above guide explains in detail this Regulation and the race course stressing the concepts and expanding with the latest updates. This guide is an official document as a supplement to and extension of this Regulations.

Ipertrail is not a competition for at all, indeed, the spirit more than being the one of a race is the one of a journey, an adventure, and the organization will work in this direction to make it safe and fair for all competitors.  These conditions have to be considered as supplementary to the previous conditions, and only valid for participants to S1I.


Participation in the race for the individual is subject to evaluation of each competitor by the organizing committee, which will evaluate the sport background.

Is possible to participate to ipertrail in teams, will have a separate ranking and the additional conditions will apply:

  • The team must not split at any conditions. All runners must stay together.
  • The team leader has full responsibility for the team members: he/she must evaluate the ability of the team members to participate at the race.

Teams can be made of 2-3-4 members. In all cases 2 members must arrive at the finish line to have the team qualified

Withdrawals must be done only at the checkpoints and refreshment points and notified immediately to the organization.

We specify that given the difficult terrain, the potentially adverse weather conditions and logistics of the race, withdrawals will be managed by giving the highest priority to bring the competitors warm and safe place, but once in a safe and warm place the waiting to be transported to the race headquarters may be quite long.



  • 2 chemical hand or foot warmers
  • Satellite tracker continuously  on this device provided for free by the organization for use during the race.
  • GPS navigation device. We strongly recommend that a cartographic navigator, but simply a device that supports navigation with track. You can decide to use Maps and Compass, but this options is not suggested. The organization will provide tracks and digital maps installed on devices for free. If requesting the configuration of the device and its verification, this must be requested explicitly by email within 72 hours of departure.

Navigation is a fundamental element of this competition and the route is designed to test the navigation skills of the competitors.


In addition to the final stop in the event of failure to pass a gate (see point 16), the organization have the right to stop, without explanation or money refund:

  • The competitor shows clear signs of imbalance that could compromise security
  • The competitor who has switched off or tampered with the tracking device

Refreshments IPERTRAIL

The philosophy of IPERTRAIL refreshments is similar from the alpine camp management, nothing to do with jogging and running refreshments. There are no refreshments assisted. At the refreshment point will be the race staff or not. Monitoring by the organizers is constant through control along the path and the operations room of satellite tracking.

  • The refreshments are made up of wooden boxes size 40 × 40 x 40 cm in which the competitors can enter all they want, including clothing and equipment. It will not accept anything that is not in cash. The box should contain foods and liquids different from water.
  • At the life bases along the route will be present boiler with hot water. This means that you will find hot water every time you get your equipment box.
  • The point will be a shelter of tent with hot air to temper the chill.
  • The staff at the refreshments has the function of control and assistance in case of withdrawal but not of service to competitors.


The competitor is aware that the path marking may be barely noticeable for long sections. The trails are also marked at 60% with the official signs CAI CAI 1 and 3 in Italy and the circular sticker RED and WHITE in Slovenia.

Navigation on a  GPS track is needed in many places. Long stretches of snow-covered forest or steppe require navigation “direction” rather than according to a path.


In case of adverse weather conditions, such as snow or rain to engender a state of weather alerts according to Civil Defense, the passage in some sections could be particularly difficult and slow. No organization should clean up, facilitate or help competitors, as these conditions represent the natural status of the environment in January. Those conditions are well-known and faceable  by those who have decided to enroll. The organization, however, wants to allow participants to finish the competition, as a race valid for all purposes and ranks, and by demonstrating readiness to activate an operational plan to cope with such eventualities, if it is not physically impossible to finish in 40 hours, will activate an alternative route with the same mileage and ascent but with easier ground. We emphasize that this circumstance is unlikely to occur every 20 years. So: The passage of the first competitor at km 107 (ciclopedonabile Cottur) or at the stroke of the 20th hour of the race, the organization could consider modifying the path that makes the race terminable in a maximum of 40 hours, making it easier for the last 60 km, but no particular alterations altimetry and mileage. In this circumstance the competitors must follow the GPS track and road book named as “Finish40”.


The risk of hypothermia is concrete always present. Temperatures can range from 12 to -12 degrees with wind gusts of Bora up to 150 km / h. It is recommended that proper management of body temperature and to withdraw at the first signs of hypothermia. There is the real risk of being lost. Paths with many variations, of course snow and adverse weather conditions make navigation difficult stretches. It is recommended to always keep an eye on GPS.


Navigation is done following the track provided, or freely, going from all waypoints given on the mapping page, see: www.s1trail.com/gps

Failure to pass a waypoint results in a penalty of 1 hour, the failure to pass two consecutive waypoints will be disqualified. In the case of “honest mistake” or path failure, the competitor must immediately contact the direction of the race and communicate what happened. The real-time assessment of the error and the track by the race staff can determine two decisions: the competitor will have to go back on his/her steps and take the track properly, or under special end rare circumstances and evaluation by the race staff, for safety purposes, an alternative route can be approved.


The race and the checkpoints are monitored through three systems: satellite, a radio frequency chip and via manual registration. This redundant procedure has the aim of guaranteeing the certainty of the presence of the competitor in a determined point, and the real-time determination of the passage of the refreshment.

The competitor, under penalty of disqualification, must:

  • Pass the chip at each checkpoint
  • Keep the satellite locator always on and in an outside pocket of the backpack
  • Sign the register before leaving  the control points.


Last updated : march 12th  2017

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