Ipertrail course will change and will be marked?

It is necessary to clarify the concept of Ipertrail and the concept of S1 Ultra

Ipertrail, more than a race is a challenge in strategy and navigation. A mountain experience with a very expensive support for transporting the material of the competitors in boxes, synchronized with the movements of the single person and a race with a constant monitoring of each runner. Doing this has very high costs and requires a low number of participants. This is why the race is one of a kind. No organizer has decided to create a race that does not generate profits, but only costs, and is based only on carrying forward an idea in its purity, a concept of ultra trail. The most important thing, however, is to understand that those who choose this race must love the “adventure”, must be able to appreciate the idea of being apparently alone in the middle of nowhere. They must want to challenge their minds before their legs. In two editions we realized that, despite the online explanations and the single contact of each runner, only 60% of the selected competitors understood this concept. Added to this is we have a 30% refusal of registration requests due to lack of requirements. This has meant that those who are our efforts to give a unique experience, were seen by some runners as a discomfort caused or an organizational lack.
For example, providing personal BOXES does not mean saving money on food for refreshments, but this is generating very high costs of logistics and management in favor of creating a completely different racing experience.

We strongly believe in Ipertrail, a unique race, a challenge that those who completed it will remember for life and a completely different running experience from the common races. This experience is reserved for small amount of runners. And those few are the lovers of this kind of experience, not the fastest or the strongest athletes. Ipertrail is not a traditional race and this must be clear.

We did not want to change the spirit but we wanted to satisfy even those looking for a traditional Ultra, with route markings, refreshments and all the standard services of the classic 100 miles. In short, one of those races that many sign up, without reading the rules, and then won’t find unwelcome “surprises” (read the regulations!)


The only way not to betray Ipertrail’s spirit and satisfy those who love the traditional 100, was to create two distinct races.



So here in the ODD years, there will be S1 Ultra, a 164 km that runs in the opposite direction the path of the Ipertrail 2018. All info here and the map here: http://www.s1trail.com/gps164/

A race open to all, marked, with the rules of the traditional 100 miles and a maximum number of 150 runners.

The start times have also been adapted to guarantee a fast race, accessible to all runners and with the minimum number of hours of darkness. Online registration here: http://www.s1trail.com/en/registrations/



In the EVEN years, there will be a 167 km Ipertrail whose course will change at each edition, creating a unique journey and a discovery of the Triestine Karst, Slovenian and in the future also of the Croatian one.
In 2020 we anticipate that the route will start from Gorizia to touch the Vipacco Valley, Mount Nanos, Mount Taiano and then arrive in Trieste. A truly amazing journey. Detailed information will be published within 12 months from the date of the race.This will allow those who love the kind to have a different travel experience at each edition, while still maintaining the spirit and without facilitating those who have already participated.
Registration only by invitation or after a chat with the organization. You can write or contact us from here