2° Bollettino Meteo / 2° Weather Forecast

Saturday we expect variable sky for the passage of high clouds, in the evening we will have a clear sky with a rapid decrease of the temperatures. Sunday there will be a clear sky with high clouds that will dissolve in the afternoon. Temperatures will be slightly below zero until early afternoon when they will rise above zero and will be milder. The thermal zero is expected above 1300 meters. Thermal inversion at 500 meters, with maximum temperature.

The competitors of S1 Ultra will, therefore, find higher temperatures at altitude compared to the stretches in the valleys exposed to the North Km 50-70 and km 74-85. Dress well in Brgod!

The competitors of the 57 km will have a freezing start and then enjoy a day starting veiled and sunny in the central hours of the day. Even competitors of 21 and 8 km will have to dress well at the start because at 11A M the temperature will be a few degrees above zero.

Weak winds up to 3 PM of January 6th when the rapid rising Bora will start to blow and then the  strong Bora and the real cold will arrive. This year the Bora will start to blow hard at the end of the Corsa della Bora!

Do not forget the mandatory equipment: thermal blanket, gloves, cap, and long sleeves are essential and we will make the appropriate checks!

Thanks to ARPA FVG for the weather forecast and for the updates

It will be a wonderful day! Have fun and be safe!