• To collect the bib you do not need to show up with the obligatory material.
  • It is not possible to collect the race goodie bag and the number on the starting line
  • The times and place of the race and race goodie bag pick-up are indicated only in the Race Guide and on the event program.



The competitors of S1 Ultra and Ipertrail are required to leave a € 40 deposit for the GPS tracker. The deposit will be returned at the end of the race upon presentation of the device. The deposit must be paid in cash banknotes of 20 and 10 euros upon collection of the bib number.



Delegations are only accepted upon completion of the appropriate online form on



The race bibs and the non collected race goodie bags cannot be requested after the race.

  • All race goodie bags and race numbers that are not explicitly booked will be available at Bora Village on the dates and times indicated in the Program and on the Race Guide
  • Bib reservations in places other than Bora Village are to be done exclusively through the online registration form at the dates specified in the enrollment form. The reservation is irreversible.
  • For those who book the collection of the race goodie bag and the race number at an S1 point or a Hotel, they will only be able to pick it up at the chosen point and only at the modalities, dates and times specified for this pick-up point at the time of booking. In case of non-collection at the aforementioned S1 point it will not be possible to participate in the competition