Article 11 – Bib number and race goodie bag collection

To collect the bib it is not necessary to show up with the mandatory material.

It is not possible to collect the race packet and the number on the starting line

The times and place of the race pack and bib collection are only indicated in the Race Guide and on the program of the event on the website

Competitors in races that require the use of the GPS Tracker are required to leave a deposit of € 100 for the GPS tracker. The deposit will be returned at the end of the race upon presentation of the device. The deposit must be paid in banknotes of 50 euros upon collection of the bib.

Delegated withdrawals are accepted only upon completion of the appropriate online form in the runner area

Bibs and race packs that have not been collected cannot be claimed after the race.


  • All race packs and numbers of races not explicitly booked will be available at the race area on the dates and times indicated in the Program and in the Race Guide
  • Bib reservations in places other than the race area must be made exclusively through your online registration form on the dates indicated in the same form. The reservation is irreversible.
  • For those who book the collection of the race package and the race number at a Point S1 or a Hotel will be able to collect it only at the chosen point and only according to the methods, dates and times specified for this collection point at the time of booking. In case of failure to collect at the aforementioned point S1 it will not be possible to participate in the race


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