Braucht man die ärztliche Bescheinigung?

s Upload der ärztlichen Bescheinigung ist nicht erforderlich. Nämlich, wenn man nicht in Italien lebt, wird man „Not required-Nicht erforderlich“ auf dem Runner-Profile lesen.

How do I transfer my enrollment?

Please request the enrollment transfer, distance change, postponement (if you are eligible) by replying to the confirmation email of registration. You will get a code and your registration will be disabled.
Subscribe to the new distance or tell the person receiving the BIB to Register to the new distance by selecting „Transfer“ as the payment method and entering the code received.

What is „early start“ or „special start“?

No shuttles are provided for these start times, unless explicitly stated.
The time is taken on the chip and therefore in the ranking, you go with the race real-time .
Early starts are subject to >>>> entrance/minimum time barriers <<

I can’t find my user profile!

We care deeply about respecting competitor’s personal information, and as stated in the 2020 Privacy Policy, we ensure the security and integrity of your information to the highest level of care.

Covid-Bestimmungen: was man wissen muss?

La nostra organizzazione si è sempre distinta per il voler fare, voler fare il massimo e farlo mettendo al primo posto la sicurezza ed il benessere del concorrente.

Where should I sleep?

For 21, 32, 42, 57 km races These are in-line races, that is, they start from a point other than the finish point. You can decide to stay indifferently in the start area, in the finish area (Bora Village, Sistiana) or in Trieste Center. You can request the race goodie bag directly in the room […]