Shuttles BEFORE and AFTER the race

Shuttles before the race

Reservation required.

You must register the online for the shuttle from your registration page by 31/12. At the entrance to the bus the reservation will be verified via the QR code on your bib. In case of no booking, it will be possible to get on the bus only once all the athletes with reservations have been seated and only if there is space available. The cars are equipped with a people counter.

Gara/Race Percorso/Course Orario/Time
57 km Stazione Centrale - Start 57 km 6.10
57 km Bora Village -> Start 57 km 6.20
21 km Stazione Centrale -> Start 21 km 10.20
21 km Bora Village -> Start 21 km 10.20

Shuttles after the race

Booking not necessary

For those who run the 57 the overnight stay in Pesek allows to wake up at the last moment, having collected the bib number in the hotel and finding the Hotel Pesek above the start line. However, we do not recommend this option to those who plan to finish the race in more than 11 hours as the last shuttle leaves at 19.

Gara/Race Percorso/Course Orario/Time
Tutte le gare Bora Village -> Stazione Centrale di Trieste 14.00 - 16.00 - 18.00 -20.00
Tutte le gare Bora Village -> Start 57 km (Pesek) 15.00 - 17.00 - 19.00

Shuttles in the race: for abandons and companions

Shuttle service during the race

For companions or in case of abandon.

You can wait for the shuttle at the refreshment point until the time of the shuttle, or get on the bus in the opposite direction and wait for the complete lap in a warm vehicle.

Fermata/Stop Corsa/Ride 1 Corsa/Ride 2 Corsa/Ride 3
PESEK 16:00 18:00
DRAGA 14:00 - -
OPICINA (QUADRIVIO)* 14:25 16:25 18:25
PROSECCO MONUMENTO 14:35 16:35 18:35
SANTA CROCE 14:40 16:40 18:40
VISOGLIANO 14:50 16:50 18:50
VISOGLIANO 15:00 17:00 19:00
SANTA CROCE 15:10 17:10 19:10
PROSECCO MONUMENTO 15:15 17:15 19:15
OPICINA (QUADRIVIO) 15:25 17:25 19:25
PESEK 15:50 17:50 19:50

Artikel 19 – Benützung von Duschen und Garderobe

Die Teilnehmer können eine eigene persönliche Tasche mit Kleidung zum Wechseln bei der Bora Village Garderobe lassen. Diese Tasche kann nur am 6. Januar Vormittag vor dem Lauf oder bei der Startpaketabholung und nur bei der Bora Village Garderobe abgegeben werden. Sie muss mit der Startnummer auf dem Griff markiert sein.

Es gibt außerdem die S1 Taschen

  • S1Halb-21km und S1 Sprint km: 1 S1Tasche, die man im Startpaket findet. Man kann sie am Start abgeben und nach dem Lauf im Bora Village abholen.
    • Bag available for pick up: after 13.00

  • S1Trail-57km: 2 S1 Taschen, die man im Startpaket findet.
    • Tasche 1: Man kann sie am Start abgeben und nach dem Lauf im Bora Village abholen.
    • Tasche 2: Man kann sie am Start abgeben und in der Mitte des Laufes – bei Obelisco Versorgungsstelle - abholen.
    • Bags available for pick up. Bag 1: after 1.00 pm. Bag 2: After 3.30 pm for competitors who have passed to the Obelisco aid station by 2.00 pm, after 6.30 pm for those who have passed that point after 2.00 pm.

  • S1 Ultra 167km: eine Tasche von max 40lt, vom Veranstalter gegeben
    • Tasche 1: Abholung bei Golac Versorgungsstelle
    • Bag drop off:  before 20.00 of 03/01
    • GPS retrieval on bag drop off: before 20.00 of 03.01, we ask for a deposit of 50 euros.
    • Bag available for pick up: after 15.30 of 05/01

  • S1 Ipertrail: competitor’s personal box, one of which is supplied by the organization.
    • Box drop off:  before 20.00 of 03/01
    • GPS retrieval on bag dop off: before 20.00 of 03.01, we ask for a deposit of 50 euros.
    • Box available for pick up: after 15.30 of 05/01



  • Die Organisation ist nicht für den Verlust oder die Beschädigung der Taschen verantwortlich
  • Taschen, die diesen Vorgaben nicht entsprechen, werden nicht akzeptiert
  • Bags not bearing the S1 label will be set aside and delivered separately giving priority to competitors having labeled bags.
  • Dusch Service wird am Ziel nach dem Lauf zur Verfügung gestellt
  • Die Organisation ist für die Gegenstände, die in den Umkleidekabinen vergessen werden, nicht verantwortlich. Aus Hygiene- und Sicherheitsbestimmungen werden sie nach der Veranstaltung beseitigt.




Start Waves

We have organized departures in waves sorted by level and organized by the bib number. This is done for best comfort and safety of all competitors.

On the day of the race we will call: “from bib number 1 to the bib ...! And so on.


  • If you do not enter your ITRA score you will be assigned to the last group
  • Entering a false ITRA score can result in disqualification
  • Starting with a group ahead of schedule can result in disqualification.
  • If not sure when to start, wait.
  • On our site you can find all the information about the starting groups.

After the definitive closing date of the registrations, on December 23rd, the list of Waves will be published on this page with the start times and bib numbers

57 KM 21 KM
START h 7:25
START h 301 TO 370
START h ORE 11:25
START h 1001 to 1070
1° WAVE 
START h 7:30
BIBS FROM 371 TO 570
1° WAVE 
START h 11:30
BIBS FROM 1071 TO 1310
2° WAVE 
START h 7:35
BIBS FROM 571 TO 770
2° WAVE 
START h ORE 11:35
BIBS FROM 1311 TO 1550
3° WAVE 
START h 7:40
BIBS FROM 771 TO 970
3° WAVE 
START h 11:40
BIBS FROM 1551 TO 1790

Ipertrail2020 Must Read

The path is hard, tricky, challenging but wonderful. In particular the first 90km. Don't overestimate yourself, the run times are not those of a traditional ultra. Start easy and steady, don't overdo,  the route becomes fast in the second section, where you will also have the refreshments of the other races and 30 km of marked route.

  • The start times will be 0.00 - 03.00 and 07.00
  • We will arrange a single shuttle service at 9.00 pm from Sistiana (finish) to the Start line with the possibility of an overnight stay in the gym for all the start groups
  • For those wishing to go to the start point independently on the afternoon of January 3rd, there is a train every hour or so, from Visogliano to Gorizia, until 18.00. We recommend parking in Sistiana.
  • For the leading group at 07.00 a second transfer will be arranged, only for those who communicate the intention to leave at 07.00 by December 8th. For those who do not indicate their start time at 07.00 by December 8th, only the 21.00 transfer will be available
  • The first part of the race will be slightly modified, improving it and making the start even more "sparkling" ... get ready for a "nice little surprise".
  • The BOX must be dropped off by 9.00 pm to Sistiana (finish) and delivering the box, you have to collect the GPS tracker. A deposit of 50 euros has to be paid, which will be returned upon return of the device.

Or for Marcia della Bora, S1 Dog and S1 Sprint and S1 Ultra 164 km…

How can I reach Bora Village by public transport?