S1 Night Trail 80 km

S1 Night Trail 80 km

€ 95 € 70 minimum - maximum price

A route designed to maximize the magic of the winter nights: cross the forests and ridges between Slovenia and Croatia in the dark that amplifies emotions and sensations, where the trees illuminated by the headlamp draw suggestive figures in a magical and muffled atmosphere.

Distance and ascent 79.4 km 3380 m D+ 3920 m D-
Date and time 2 January 2021 h 22.30
Start/Finish: Golac (Slovenia) -> Bora Village Visogliano (Italy)
Number of refreshment points: 7 + finish + pasta party
Enrollments closes 21 December 2020 or 500 runners
Price: min € 70 max € 95
Maximum time 21 hours
Shuttle service: Yes

The white of the limestone of the karst ridges meets the headlamp giving evocative reflections in a scenario where the lights of distant Trieste, overlooking the sea, are always visible in the background, a finish line that shows up but cannot be reached without effort!

The first part of the route is demanding, not so much for the altitude difference, but for the technical terrain and the winding paths that run between Slovenia and Croatia. In this section there are two refreshment points in 35 km, almost to push competitors to stop as little as possible and to give their best.

At the Castle of San Servolo you will find the 57 km route, approximately at the 10th km of the 57km race which coincides with the 33rd of the 80km race. Medium and fast competitors who have already participated in the Classica S1 Trail 57 km, will find themselves on that route already at night, experiencing it in a completely different and very suggestive perspective.

S1 Night Trail 80 km is a crescendo of emotions: from the icy departure in the middle of the night, with technical and less accessible paths, to the fast and panoramic track of the final section, when the sun rises. As the race progresses the ground becomes easier and faster, as darkness leaves room for day, the panoramas and views of the Gulf of Trieste open up. As the kilometers are milled, the number of refreshment points and the proximity to civilization increases, in a crescendo of life.

The ideal race for those who want to approach medium-long distances, in a track that combines elements of technique and speed in a perfect approach to summer races where there is often a greater difference in height but simpler race conditions.

You will start thinking of this 80 km as a “test or training” for a summer goal, you will end the “summer race” considering it as a “easy run” compared to the S1 Night Trail.

A magical path, but not to be underestimated.

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Start, Golac
Podgorje, km 17
Dolina, km 35
Details Transition bag
Draga, km 45
Obelisco, km 58
Contovello, km 64
Santa Croce, km 70,5
Aurisina, km 74
Details (only for whom passes Santa Croce before 17.00)
Finish line, Bora Village
Well done!


It is in line race and the starting line does not coincide with the finish. TRAVEL HYPOTHESIS:
  • You arrive in Trieste on the afternoon of January 2nd
  • You come to Bora Village at 19.30 on January 2nd, you can park inside in reserved Parking or stay in Trieste and come by bus.
  • Collect the bib and leave the bag. Dinner at Bora Village at 20.00 (vegetarian options).
  • At 21.00 the shuttle for the Start departs.
  • At 22.15 the bus arrives at the departure
  • At 22.30 the race starts.
  • Closing of the race at 19.30 the following day.

OTHER information

  • You can park on the finish line and come on the start line with our shuttle.
  • You can stay in Trieste and go to the start with the airport bus
  • Railway stations and airports are well connected to the race. No car needed. Getting to Trieste
  • You can decide to collect the race bib in a partner hotel or in the S1 Points or at the Bora Village before the race. If you book the delivery, you save time before the race. Here's how to do it

S1 Night Trail 2021 - 80 km- La Corsa della Bora
S1 Night Trail 2021 - 80 km- La Corsa della Bora
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From 1 to 20: 70 euros From 20 to 50: 80 euros From 51 to 95 euros

  • Senators, minors 70 euros fixed price until 30/10
  • Partner sports club, registration for events and groups * € 75 until 30/10