How do you register to the race? How much does it cost?

The price of the registration varies according to the moment when you decide to register and the number of persons enrolled at that time

  • To know the price at the moment of your decision to visit the page  and look for the desired race.
  • To find out HOW  the price changes you can read the Race Rules  at the bottom of the page  click here

To follow or follow passages:

  1. Type in your browser
  2. Look at the navigation menu at the top of the list, near the flag  if you see see  “YOUR REGISTRATIONS” click and select “LOGOUT”
  3. Now is gone “YOUR REGISTRATIONS”
  5. Select the race with which you want to participate
  7. If you are already registered click on “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN” and press “LOGIN”.
    1. You are not registered got to point 8.
  8. if you have a coupon add it by “CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE” and press “APPLY”
  9. If some info is missing, add it.
  10. Select the payment method
  11. Press  “PLACE ORDER”
  12. You just paid your registration, but it is not complete. You must also complete your profile going to YOUR REGISTRATION – YOUR PROFILE – RUNNER PROFILE and complete the missing mandatory data and your preferences (race goodie bag, shuttle, food, bib collection booking, and much more). Press UPDATE at the bottom of the page when the changes are complete.


  1. The system is configured to consent 1 race per person, this is to avoid duplicated and double payments.
  2. If you want to enroll more people with the same email (example: husband and wife) we can enable multiple accounts with the same email.  Write us and request this feature, tell us the e-mail, how many, and name of the persons associated with that mail.
  3. You can change the payment method in “Your profile” – “Registrations” – “Payment”
  4. If you are at point 3 and the payment does not work, it is because too many attempts and/or changes have been made, or for other reasons, the system goes into protection mode and does not allow you to pay. Write to us and we will unlock this feature.

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