How does the relay change work?

We recommend approaching the relay change with this procedure:

  1. Competitor 1 takes the shuttle to the start of the 57 km
  2. Competitor 2 moves with his car to the relay exchange point
  3. Competitor 2 gives the change and the keys of the vehicle to competitor 1 who goes to the finish with the vehicle
  4. Competitor 2 and Competitor 1 meet at the finish.

We recommend this system as, due to health safety regulations, waiting spaces will be reduced and this system reduces waiting times for shuttles to zero.


Relay exchange point (Google Maps) 


Parking for the relay exchanfe

  1. Very close, 80 meters
  2. Close, 200 meters of trail, 700 meters of road


Start 57 km (served by pre-race shuttle)



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