Wettkampfordnung LA CORSA DELLA BORA

Nur wenige Leute lesen diese Seite und noch weniger folgen diesen Angaben. Wenn du auf dieser Seite bist, dann bist du einer der wenigen Trailrunner, die sich richtig mit dem Wettbewerb befassen. Wir freuen uns darüber und bedanken uns bei dir!

16 Km – S1 Sprint in Kürze

S1Just in Kürze
  • Startpaket Abholung bei Bora Village ab 3. Januar
  • Wettbewerb Start: 5. Januar um 11:30 Uhr in Bora Village
  • Preis: 20€ bis 20. Dezember
  • Ziel: Bora Village
  • Freie Parkplätze in der Nähe von Bora Village
Vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung
  • Lange Hose oder eine Kombination, die das gesamte Bein bedeckt
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Becher, nur wenn man den Versorgungstationen trinken möchte


21 Km HALF – S1Halb in Kürze

  • Startpaket Abholung bei Bora Village ab 3. Januar
  • Abfahrt: freie S1 Shuttle vom Bora Village zum Start bei „Obelisco-Opicina“ am 5. Januar um 10.45 Uhr
  • Wettbewerbs - Start: um 11.30 Uhr in „Obelisco Opicina“
  • Preis: 25€ bis 30. August
  • Ziel: Bora Village
  • S1 Shuttle Service vor und nach dem Lauf
  • Freie Parkplätze in der Nähe von Bora Village

Vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung
  • Lange Hose oder eine Kombination, die das gesamte Bein bedeckt
  • Leichte Regenjacke mit langen oder kurze Ärmeln und dicke Wind –und Regenjacke
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Becher: es gibt keinen Becher bei den Versorgungsstellen!
  • Handschuhe und Mütze
  • Taschen- oder Stirnlampe mit aufgeladener Batterie (Handylampe nicht gültig)
  • Mindestens 350ml Getränke
  • Signalpfeife
  • Handy mit den gespeicherten Veranstaltungsnummern

57 Km – S1Trail in Kürze


Vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung
  • Lange Hose oder eine Kombination, die das gesamte Bein bedeckt
  • Leichte Regenjacke mit langen oder kurze Ärmeln und dicke Wind –und Regenjacke
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Becher: es gibt keinen Becher bei den Versorgungsstellen!
  • Handschuhe und Mütze
  • Taschen- oder Stirnlampe mit aufgeladener Batterie (Handy Lampe nicht gültig)
  • Mindestens 350ml Getränke
  • Signalpfeife
  • Handy mit den gespeicherten Veranstaltungsnummern


164 Km – S1Ultra in Kürze


  • Startspaket Abholung bei Bora Village ab 3. Januar
  • Wettbewerb Start: am 4. Januar um 03.00 - 5.00 & 7.00Uhr bei Bora Village
  • S1 Ultra starts and arrives at the same point, in Sistiana, at Bora Village, 15 km from Trieste
  • We recommend sleeping in Sistiana, select "finish area" from the page of the partner hotels
  • We offer the possibility of sleeping on the starting line, booking from this page
  • There is NO bus service from Trieste for start times at 03.00 and 05.00
  • For those wishing to start at 07.00 and sleep in Trieste there is an airport shuttle that stops next to Bora Village. info here
  • There is a free shuttle service back to Trieste on the afternoon of January 5th, then post-race
  • The mid-race bag must be drop off by 9.00 pm to Sistiana (finish) and delivering the bag you have to pick up the GPS tracker. A deposit of 50 euros have to be paid, which will be returned upon return of the device.
  • Wechsel während des Laufes: 1 bei Golac
  • 9 Versorgungstellen
  • Cut-off: am 4. Januar um 16.00 Uhr bei km 41; MIN am 4 Januar um 17.00Uhr, MAX am 5 Januar um 1.00Uhr bei km 85; am 5. Januar um 06.00 Uhr bei Podgorje; am 5. Januar um 11.00 Uhr bei Dolina; am 5. Januar um 13.00 Uhr bei Draga; am 5. Januar um 15.00 Uhr bei Obelisco; route change am 5. Januar um 18 Uhr bei km 157.
  • Preis: 157€ bis 30. September
  • Freie Parkplätze in der Nähe von Bora Village
Vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung
  • Lange Hose oder eine Kombination, die das gesamte Bein bedeckt
  • Leichte Regenjacke mit langen oder kurze Ärmeln und dicke Wind –und Regenjacke
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Becher: es gibt keinen Becher bei den Versorgungsstellen!
  • Handschuhe und Mütze, Stirnlampe mit aufgeladener Batterie
  • Mindestens 350ml Getränke
  • Signalpfeife
  • Handy mit den gespeicherten Veranstaltungsnummern
  • Satelliten Sender (wird vom Veranstalter zur Verfügung gestellt)


Safety is a serious matter and we invite you to read the rules. Not to please us, but for your safety.

Along the way, various checkpoints will be inserted: both to avoid cuts and to make sure you have everything you need.

Not having the mandatory equipment, besides being able to cost you the disqualification, could put at risk your safety.

Four suggestions, not to say “we told you so”:

  1. Light check with unquestionable stop for those not carring one after 3.30 pm in Aurisina
  2. Route and equipment check on 21 km after Santa Croce
  3. Route and equipment check on 57 and 164 km after the descent of Bukovec.
  4. On Ipertrail and Ultra the GPS tracks are checked one by one, so pay attention to the cuts





"S1 Half, S1 Trail, S1 Trail +, S1 Ultra, S1 Ipertrail" are competitive races in open environment, aimed at promoting the territory of the province of Trieste and the Slovenian Karst and sport in nature, enhancing the food and wine tourism resources and naturalistic areas of the Municipalities of Sgonico-Zgonik, Municipality of Monrupino-Repen, Municipality of San Dorligo Della Valle - Občina Dolina, Trieste and Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina, Občina Hrpelje-Kozina, Občina Koper.


While reaffirming the esteem and the friendship with the athletics events, we tend, for safety reasons, to stress that the nature of our races is profoundly different from that of the strictly running events. This is the reason why the regulation could appear to some readers "too restrictive" and "exaggerated" if compared to competitions of equal distance under the federal umbrella of FIDAL and organized on road.

The Corsa della Bora takes place in a potentially hostile environment, in a cold period, and nothing to do with competitions focused solely on the athletic gesture. If, in fact, from the point of view of the FIDAL competition, particularly unfriendly conditions of weather and terrain are a cause of cancellation, in this case, they represent one of the natural variables, one of the founding elements of the race on which the participants are measured in the competitive action. Competitors must relate to this event with the perspective and rules of hiking, mountain running and those used to face the natural environment independently, without underestimating the rules and regulations of the organizers, that acting in the interest of the maximum safety of the competitors and with knowledge of the facts gained from years of experience in mountaineering.

The event is transboundary in S1T, S1T+, S1U and S1I races are involving the Slovenian municipalities of Občina Hrpelje - Kozina and Občina Koper. The event consists of semi-autonomous Sky Trail races, organized without profit pourpuses from the volunteers of ASD SentieroUNO in collaboration with local associations, organizations, and people who believe in these values. The races are affiliated to ITRA, IUTA, UTMB and AICS. There are no costs or obligations in this regard for athletes.

S1T, S1T+, S1U and S1I race are competitive and require the equipment described in this regulation and take place in a single stage.

S1 Sprint is a non competitive run with offical timing, ranking and finisher medal for all participants.

The S1I race can also be carried out in teams and is subject to the special conditions of participation indicated in the "IPERTRAIL PARTICIPATION" point.




There is a general classification with arrival times and published on the website www.s1trail.com. The distinct categories in the ranking are "men" and "women".

  • Absolutes
  • Juniores, < 18 years old
  • Masters, >50 years old

There are cash prizes and prizes in kind.

Special prizes are awarded to the first arrivals and a memory of the race attesting the title of "Finisher" to all those who completed the race within the maximum time. They are also assigned gifts to all runners at the time of collection of the bibs (see "REGISTRATION FEE AND GOODIe BAG").

Article 3 – SENATORS

All those who have finished all editions or all editions except one, participating at any distance, have the right to be listed in the Senators Wall of Fame. The senators are entitled to special conditions for enrollment, special prizes and additional services depending on their degree of seniority of participation. Registration as a senator is not transferable to third parties and from access, in addition to the general classification to a ranking of senators only.



The races are run in semi-autonomy. The semi-autonomy to the "Sentiero 1" is defined as the ability to be autonomous between two refreshment points, as regards their own safety, energy, and equipment, thus allowing the runner to be ready to face unexpected problems, for example, adverse weather, physical discomfort, minor injuries, etc. Water supplies are made using natural water sources along the route and marked on the map and on the road-book. In order to limit the production of waste, there are no plastic cups for refreshments or in any case they will be reduced to a minimum, so it is mandatory  that every competitor has a container to drink with. Upon arrival, each participant can take advantage of a complete refreshment and a meal offered with the registration.


"S1 Sprint 16 km":  It takes place entirely in the municipality of Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina, provides only one liquid refreshment at km 4. This is a path without exposed or dangerous sections, equipped with parapets and indications with a ground suitable even for the less experienced. Although it is a simple track and accessible even to non-specialized athletes in mountain running, remember that it is always a natural environment and winter, so you should always pay attention and do not underestimate the weather conditions.


"S1 Half 21 km" takes place along the municipality of Trieste and Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina with the following refreshment points: Ristoro Prosecco (5.5 km, liquid and solid) Ristoro Santa Croce (km 11.7, liquid and solid) Ristoro Aurisina (km 15,5, liquid and solid) Ristoro Sistiana, Arrival (km 21, liquid and solid)


"S1 Trail 57 km" takes place along the Municipality of San Dorligo Della Valle - Občina Dolina, Slovenia the municipalities of Občina Hrpelje - Kozina and Občina Koper and again the Municipality of San Dorligo della Valle, Trieste, Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina with the following refreshment points: Ristoro Beka (km 5.5, liquid) Ristoro Dolina (km 13, liquid and solid) Ristoro Casa Flinko Draga S. Elia (km 19.8, liquid and solid) Ristoro Napoleonica (33 km, liquid and solid) Ristoro Prosecco (km 39.5, liquid and solid) Ristoro Santa Croce (46 km, liquid and solid) Ristoro Aurisina (50 km, liquid and solid) Ristoro Sistiana, Arrival (km 57, liquid and solid) for a total of about 57 km and a positive height difference of about 2500 meters. The type of ground you will meet is as follows: 5% asphalt, 40% dirt, 55% path



"S1 Ultra 164 km"  takes place along the Municipalities of Sgonico-Zgonik, Municipality of Monrupino-Repen, Municipality of San Dorligo Della Valle - Občina Dolina, Občina Koper (SLOVENIA) Herpelje-Kozina (SLOVENIA), Trieste and Duino-Aurisina / Devin Nabrežina with the following refreshment points: Gorjansko (km 20, liquid and solid), Fernetti (km 39, liquid and solid), Brgod (km 64 liquid and solid), Golac (liquid 84 km and solid + bag), Podgorje (liquid and solid), Dolina (km 125, liquid and solid), Casa Flinko (km 132, liquid and solid), Obelisk (km 145, liquid) and solid), Santa Croce (km 157, liquid and solid).


"S1 Ipertrail" This event occurs only in even years.


It is advisable to study well the technical documentation and the "Race Guide" which can be consulted and downloaded from the official website, which will be published within thirty days from the start of the race. Competitors must strictly respect the race route marked with flags with reflective tape and logo of the event. Any signs of different colors must be overlooked as they indicate paths that are not part of the "S1". On the official arrows of the "S1" and the name of the race is always shown, other arrows of a different type must, therefore, be neglected.  In case you do not meet the signs or flags for several hundred meters, you must return to the back to make sure you are on the correct path. The abandon of the official track, as well as involving the disqualification from the race, will take place at the sole risk and danger of the competitor.





The registration opening date is 7 April.

The race is open:

  • To all athletes who have reached the age of 14 are eligible for competitive activity with the requirements specified under "MEDICAL CERTIFICATION" and who have accepted this regulation and the release form (signature of the parent or legal guardian in case of minors).
  • To all athletes who are over the age of 18 that are eligible for competitive activity with the requirements specified in the "MEDICAL CERTIFICATION" section can register for the S1I race


It is also important and necessary to: 

  • Be aware of the length and characteristics of the race;
  • Be perfectly trained to face it;
  • To have acquired, before the race, a real capacity of personal autonomy in the mountains and to be able to manage at best the problems deriving from adverse weather conditions (wind, fog, rain, cold ) in relation to the length of the chosen route.
  • Knowing how to deal with physical or mental problems caused by great fatigue, digestive problems, muscle or joint pain, small wounds, etc.
  • Be aware that the Organization's role is not to help a runner manage these conditions, which are an integral part of the competition experience.


In case of participation of underage athletes, legal guardians are required to be well aware that: 

  • That the minor has the physical and psychological characteristics to face the competition
  • Having the technical knowledge to deal with it.
  • That can travel the track in conditions that are not an obstacle or danger to other competitors.

S1 Sprint is a non competitive event and no medical certification for competitive sports activity is required 

Registration are taken e via the internet or at the kiosks of the event, according to the procedures indicated in the appropriate section.

Please note that membership is not required for any Federation or Institution.

Enrollment will close when the maximum number of race entries is reached or 23/12. 

Maximum registration for 16 km - S1 Sprint: 600.

Maximum number registered for 21 km - S1 Half: 900.

Maximum number registered for 57 km - S1 Trail: 800.

Maximum number registered for 167 km - S1 Ultra: 150.

Maximum number registered for 167 km - Ipertrail: 100.



Please note that for the 2017, 2018, 2019 editions the maximum number of competitors for 21 and 57 km was reached in mid-November.



The registration has to be considered effective and confirmed when all the information requested in the registration form is provided correctly, payment is made, confirmed and accepted by the organization.




Race number exchanges and transfers are allowed only through the online, which must be completed in its entirety and the payment of the office fee has to be made by 31/12 on the page s1trail.com/swap

All changes not made independently through the online registration form, including exchanges and transfers are subject to an office fee of € 6.

Running with a bib registered to another competitor involves the disqualification for life and publication of the names of both competitors.

No modification, change or transfer is permitted unless the ones done using the online form, and subject to the organization's authorization.

Discounted and special bibs are transferable only by paying the difference between the reduced price and the price at the time of transfer.

Refunds of any kind are not allowed, but competitors can transfer their race number and race goodie bag to third parties as described above.


The collection of race bibs or race packages by delegation is not allowed, except through the online withdrawal form called "proxy for collection" on the s1trail.com/proxy page. This form must be completed in its entirety within 48 hours from the actual withdrawal. No other forms of the delegation are allowed.





From 1 to 200: 20 euros
From 201 to 400: 25 euros
From 401 onwards 30 euros

  • Senators, minors 20 euros fixed price until 30/10, 15 euros by 31/08.
  • Affiliated companies, registration for events and groups * € 20 until 30/10



From 1 to 299: 25 euros
From 300 to 650: 29 euros
From 651 onwards 35 euros

  • Senators, minors 25 euros fixed price until 30/10, 20 euros by 31/08.
  • Affiliated companies, registration for events and groups * € 25 until 30/10



From 1 to 300: 57 euros
From 300 to 500: 65 euros
From 501 onwards 70 euros

  • Senators, minors 53 euros fixed price until 30/10, 48 euros by 31/08.
  • Affiliated companies, registration for events and groups * € 57 until 30/10


From 1 to 20: 96 euro a
From 21 to 50: 100 euro
From 51 and more 105 euro

  • Senators, minors 53 euros fixed price until 30/10, 90 euros by 31/08.
  • Affiliated companies, registration for events and groups * € 100 until 30/10



From 1 to 80: 30 euros
From 81 to 300: 42 euros
From 301 onwards 52 euros

  • Senators, minors 30 euros fixed price until 30/10
  • Affiliated companies, registration for events and groups * € 42 until 30/10



  • * For groups we mean 10 or more people with simultaneous and cumulative payment.
  • For the 57 in relay, the change takes place in Draga S. Elia and must be done independently. No dedicated shuttle service is provided. Please see the race shuttles timetables.

All registration fees include

  • Each bib includes an amount in favor of the Alpine Rescue.
  • Organizational and assistance services described in this regulation
  • Finisher Medal
  • Logistic and shuttle services described in the event program
  • Insurance with accident insurance coverage.
  • Pasta Party
  • Showers Service
  • Cloakroom Service
  • Bag transport service


Article 9 – Payment


  • Online, during the registration process on our enrollment page with Credit Card and other electronic payment means.
  • By cash at our S1 Points
  • By bank transfer:
    presso Unicredit Banca filiale Milano Farini,
    IBAN IT20W0200801619000103869040
  • After the registration by  PayPal from this page: www.s1trail.com/paypal
  • With all Credit and Debit Cards at our boot at the events, we are present.


  • For reduced-price registrations made at any date, the payment must be made by the expiry date of the selected price range. For example, if you register in August with a price valid until September 1, payment must be made by September 1, under penalty of cancellation or conversion of the subscription to the next price range.
  • For all registrations, payment must be done within 7 days from the registration date. In the absence of notification of payment or of a request for an extension, after 7 days, the registration may be canceled without notice or converted to the price range or type of race bib available.
  • For registrations made at a price related to a specific quota of registrants the price is blocked for 3 working days. In the absence of notification of payment or of a request for an extension, after 3 days, the registration may be canceled without notice or converted to the price range or type of race bib available.



All those who have received competitive sports suitability from a sports doctor are admitted to the competition.

This suitability must be valid and specific for activities with a high cardiovascular commitment or a certificate of fitness for athletic competition or other sporting activities with high cardiovascular involvement (rowing, skiing, football, triathlon, etc).


The same requirements apply to foreign athletes. By participating in the event, the athlete certifies that he/she has the aforementioned requirements and that he/she is in possession of the relative certification to guarantee his safety and security.




  • To collect the bib you do not need to show up with the obligatory material.
  • It is not possible to collect the race goodie bag and the number on the starting line
  • The times and place of the race and race goodie bag pick-up are indicated only in the Race Guide and on the event program.



The competitors of S1 Ultra and Ipertrail are required to leave a € 40 deposit for the GPS tracker. The deposit will be returned at the end of the race upon presentation of the device. The deposit must be paid in cash banknotes of 20 and 10 euros upon collection of the bib number.



Delegations are only accepted upon completion of the appropriate online form on s1trail.com/proxy



The race bibs and the non collected race goodie bags cannot be requested after the race.

  • All race goodie bags and race numbers that are not explicitly booked will be available at Bora Village on the dates and times indicated in the Program and on the Race Guide
  • Bib reservations in places other than Bora Village are to be done exclusively through the online registration form at the dates specified in the enrollment form. The reservation is irreversible.
  • For those who book the collection of the race goodie bag and the race number at an S1 point or a Hotel, they will only be able to pick it up at the chosen point and only at the modalities, dates and times specified for this pick-up point at the time of booking. In case of non-collection at the aforementioned S1 point it will not be possible to participate in the competition





  • for “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA  16 KM “: 4 hours, by 4 pm


  • for the “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA 21 KM “: 6 hours, by 5:15 pm
  • for the “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA  42 KM “: 12 hours, before 18.15
    • Time barrier 1: 13.00  – Aid station Draga
    • Time barrier 2: 15.00  – Aid station Obelisco
    • Detour 1: 17.30 - Aid station Santa Croce. Detour on easier route + 45' on your race time.
  • for the “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA  57 KM “: 12 hours, before 19.30
    • Time barrier 1: 11:00– Aid station Dolina
    • Time barrier 2: 13.00  – Aid station Draga
    • Time barrier 3: 15.00  – Aid station Obelisco
    • Detour 1: 17.30 - Aid station Santa Croce. Detour on easier route + 45' on your race time.
  • for the “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA  80 KM “: 21 hours, before 19.30
    • Time barrier 1: 04:00– Aid station Podgorje
    • Time barrier 2: 11:00– Aid station Dolina
    • Time barrier 3: 13.00  – Aid station Draga
    • Time barrier 4: 15.00  – Aid station Obelisco
    • Detour 1: 17.30 - Aid station Santa Croce. Detour on easier route + 45' on your race time.

for “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA 164 KM ” S1 Ultra: 40 hours.

  • Time barrier 1:  16.00 pm at km 41 – Aid station Fernetti
  • Time barrier 2: First exit time 17.00  (minimum time applies only to the runners of the first start group), last exit 03.00 of 5 January – Aid station Golac
  • Time barrier 3: 06:00– Aid station Podgorje
  • Time barrier 4: 11:00– Aid station Dolina
  • Time barrier 5: 13.00  – Aid station Draga
  • Time barrier 6: 15.00  – Aid station Obelisco
  • Detour 1:  17.00  – Aid station Santa Croce. Detour on easier route + 45' on your race time.

for “S1 TRAIL THE CORSA DELLA BORA 175 KM” Ipertrail: 45 hours.

The Time barriers are listed  in altimetry, with possible adaptations based on weather and competitor conditions. The minimum travel speed of the competitors cannot be less than 3.5 km / h.




  • Any withdrawal must be reported to the volunteers on the route who will organize the transport of the competitor to the finish line.
  • A shuttle service is provided for competitors who want to withdraw.
  • The stops and times of the shuttles are described in the Race Guide and on special banners at the refreshment points.
  • The shuttles on route 57 and 21 km have a crossing frequency of less than 45 minutes of waiting, during which you can stay in a protected and temperate area up to approximate the passage time.
  • Ipertrail and S1 Ultra have an “ad hoc” shuttle service, waiting times in a temperate environment are determined by the number of pick-up operations in progress and by the point withdrawal of the competitor. The organization is committed to providing a comfortable shelter and the return service to Bora Village.
  • A “closing service” is foreseen that will follow the route following the last competitor in the race, in order to check the route and to avoid that any competitors with injuries remain without assistance.




On the route, you will find our volunteers of the organization, volunteers of Civil Protection and Alpine Rescue, in constant contact with the base.

At the arrival area, there is an ambulance with a doctor on board and paramedics, ready to intervene. There are other 3 ambulances along the course.

Checkpoints are set up along the route, where members of the organization monitor the passage of the athletes. It is obligatory to pass near the control points going to the step, slowing down and with the bib clearly visible on the chest or on the backpack or on the leg. It is advisable to make sure that you have been correctly registered because, in case of non-registration or failure to move to a control point, disqualification is applied.


Every runner injured or in difficulty can ask the organization's rescue:

  • presenting itself at an official checkpoint
  • by calling an organization number
  • asking another runner to notify the rescue


It is obligatory and obligatory to provide assistance to all the people in need and, if necessary, to notify the rescue team. In the event that a competitor has lost time to rescue another injured or in difficulty contestant, he/she can ask the Competition Jury to reduce the time spent on the official classification.



Artikel 16 – Vorgeschriebene Ausrüstung S1 TRAIL 57 KM, S1 HALF 21 KM, S1 ULTRA 167 KM, S1 IPERTRAIL


S1Halb, S1Trail und S1Ultra sind Wettbewerbe mitten in der Natur. Es gibt auch sehr anstrengende und ausgesetzte Strecken.

Die winterliche Jahreszeit und das geografische Gebiet machen die Wetterbedingungen sehr wechselhaft und unvorhersehbar. Das Wetter könnte dann sowohl ein warmer Tag mit trockenem Boden, als auch ein sehr kalter Tag, mit heftigen Bora Böen von 150km/h und Temperaturen unter 0° sein.

  • Stirn- oder Taschenlampe mit aufgeladener Batterie ist Pflicht. Auch diejenigen, die planen, den Lauf vor dem Sonnenuntergang zu beenden, müssen eine Lampe mitnehmen. Unvorhergesehene Vorfälle wie z.B. Verlaufen oder Unfälle könnten das persönliche Ziel ändern. Auch die 21km Teilnehmer müssen die Lampe mitnehmen: (die Handylampe genügt nicht).
  • Mindestens 350ml Getränke
  • Zwei warme Schichten: leichte Regenjacke mit langen oder kurzen Ärmeln und dicke Wind –und Regenjacke
  • Lange Hose oder eine Kombination, die das gesamte Bein bedeckt
  • Rettungsdecke
  • Handschuhe
  • Mütze
  • Strecke Roadbook (auf der Rückseite der Startnummer abgebildet)
  • Handy mit den gespeicherten Veranstaltungsnummern
  • Becher: es gibt keinen Becher bei den Versorgungsstellen!
  • Signalpfeife
  • Nur für S1Ultra und Ipertrail: Satelliten-Sender, der vom Veranstalter zur Verfügung gestellt wird. Der Satelliten-Sender muss ständig laufen.


Außerdem wird empfohlen, folgende Gegenständen mitzunehmen:
  • Shirt mit langen Ärmeln oder ein weiteres warmes Kleidungsstück
  • Schal, Kopfschützer, Wind-Buff
  • Teleskop- Stöcke
  • Steigeisen



Entlang der Strecke könnte man gefrorene Abschnitte finden. Deshalb könnte der Veranstalter entscheiden, dass folgende Gegenstände verpflichtend sind:

  • Steigeisen für S1Trail, S1Ultra und S1Ipertrail
  • Crampons Spikes für S1Halb

Article 17 – WEATHER


Given the extreme climatic and meteorological variability, the organization will publish two weather reports on www.s1trail.com in the "news" section for the following purposes:


Bulletin 1: 5 days after the race, to inform about the conditions of the route and the weather forecast.
Bulletin 2: 12 hours before departure with the latest updates and result of the last survey on the route. In conjunction with the Bulletins, changes or additions to the suggested equipment can be made. In the case of extreme weather phenomena, landslides or events that make the route impractical, changes at the last moment will be possible. Any changes will be communicated in clear and as soon as possible to the participants even by volunteers on the route in case the race is on.
In these cases, there is no provision for compensation to competitors.
There is no suspension of the race in any case: the date and the geographical area are in themselves indicators of a strong possibility of hostile weather, which is considered as one of the fundamental components of the challenge by the athlete in the competition.




Article 18 – ENVIRONMENT


The race takes place in natural ecosystems and nature reserves. Competitors must behave in a manner that respects the environment, in particular by avoiding waste, collecting flowers and harassing wildlife.
Disqualification is foreseen in case of voluntary abandonment of waste along the route.


It will be verified that any GEL, bars and wrapped consumable material is marked with the competitor's bib number. This only in order to identify any waste abandoned along the way. During the competition, it will be possible to integrate the food stocks at the refreshment points or at the life base, at the discretion of the competitor, after marking all the wrappers.

Each competitor, as indicated in the mandatory equipment, is required to have a personal liquid container with him.


The environmental impact due to the waste production of this event is limited thanks to actions such as, for example, the use of compostable or reusable crockery and cutlery instead of disposable ones, the dispensing of draft drinks and use of alternative ways of communication and publicizing the event.

To minimize the use of "disposable" materials, replacing them with other reusable materials, we can use:

• crockery and pots made of ceramic and metal instead of plastic;

• cloth bags and bags for shopping instead of plastic bags;

• bottles of water and soft drinks with the return vacuum system instead of buying disposable bottles;





  • The post-race shuttles are free for all runners
  • The shuttle service for abandons is free
  • The pre-race transfer cost is 3 euros for the 21 and 57 km races, 10 euros for the 80 km race (1h30 travel) must be made strictly by 31/12 from your registration form.
  • After 31/12 the cost of the shuttle is 10 euros for the 21 and 57 km and 25 for the 80 km and can be paid when picking up the bib.
  • To access the pre-race shuttle, it is mandatory to book the service from your online registration form.
  • It is not necessary to book the post-race service.
  • Reservations can not be accepted via e-mail.
  • Failure to book will result in exclusion from service, without exception
  • The reservation must be made no later than 12/31.



The use of poles is allowed on the condition that must be kept from the moment of departure until the arrival.

It is forbidden to take them or leave them along the way.

Use of vehicles other than those specified in the regulation is prohibited.





The voluntary registration and the consequent participation in the race indicate the full unreserved acceptance of this regulation and of the race ethics, available on www.s1trail.com. With the registration, the participant exempts the organizers from any liability, both civil and criminal, for damages to persons and/or things caused by him or to him, before during and after the race and renounces any request for compensation.
The Disclaimer must be completed, signed and delivered before delivery of the bib number, which will take place only after receipt of the aforementioned.





The Organization's volunteers present on the route are authorized to verify the compliance with the regulations by the runners and inform the jury of the violations detected.


The race jury applies penalties according to the following table.

Time penalties are applied immediately at the end of the race or in the following days with an increase in the time shown on the official ranking.


  • Voluntary abandonment of waste: disqualification
  • Departure from a checkpoint past the hour limit: disqualification
  • Start in a starting group not assigned: disqualification
  • Cut of a section of route over 200m: disqualification
  • Failure to move to a checkpoint: disqualification
  • Assistance outside the Ipertrail competitors: disqualification
  • Refusal to be checked: disqualification
  • Cheating: use of unauthorized means of transport, sharing or exchanging of bib numbers, marking of wrappings with other people's numbers: disqualification and disqualification for life
  • Insults and threats to volunteers or employees of the Organization: disqualification and ban for life
  • Contestation of the rules or lack of respect for the race staff: disqualification
  • There are 30 minutes of penalties for consumption, transport or use of bars, supplements or gels not bearing the user's bib number.
  • Absence of mandatory equipment: penalty quantified by the controller or by the competition jury depending on the number of missing elements and the weather and physical conditions of the competitor





  • Only written complaints are accepted within 30 minutes from the finish time of the last competitor, with a deposit of € 300.00.
  • The official version of the regulations is the one written in English.
  • Interpretations or interpretative doubts must be resolved according to the official version.
  • All complaints of irregularities sent within 30 minutes of the arrival of the last competitor and related to:
    • Clear and unequivocal photographic documentation
    • Testimony of three people (to be verified with the race data and the findings in our possession)

If a complaint of irregularity will be deemed to be correct, we will immediately apply the sanctions as per the regulation with the guarantee of the complete anonymity of the person reporting.



Article 25 – JURY


The jury is made of:

  • Race Director
  • Safety Coordinator
  • Head of the medical team
  • Managers of checkpoints
  • All competent persons designated by the President of the organizing committee.

The jury is authorized to deliberate in a time compatible with the obligations of the race on all quarrels or disqualifications occurred during the race. The decisions taken are without appeal.



Article 26 – INSURANCE


The organization provides a liability insurance for the entire period of the race. Participation is under the entire responsibility of the competitors, who renounce any appeal against the organizers in case of damage and further consequences that can arise after the race. When the race bib is withdrawn, the competitor must sign a disclaimer of responsibility.



Article 27 – IMAGE RIGHTS


By registering, the competitors authorize the organization to use, for free, without territorial and time limits, still and moving images that portray them in the occasion of participation in the Corsa della Bora.



Article 28 – UPDATES


The Organization undertakes to publish on the website www.s1trail.com in the "news" section any updates on the route and the conditions of the race.



Article 29 – RACE GUIDE

Starting on December 1st, competitors will have a "Race Guide" available in digital format for download. This guide explains in detail the latest regulations and the race course, reaffirming the concepts expressed in the rules and expanding them with the latest updates. This guide is an official document to supplement and extend the rules of the race.


Note that the information reported in the Race Guide of the year in which the race takes place and in the elevation profiles published in it have to be considered definitive and replace any other information online, except for updates of the last hour sent by email and published in the section "news" with the explicit wording: "Replaces the information in Race Guide"



Ipertrail is not a race for everyone, indeed, the spirit rather than being a race is of a journey, an adventure, and the organization operates in this direction. These conditions have to be considered as supplementary to the previous conditions and participation in the race for individuals is subject to evaluation of each individual competitor by the organizing committee. The committee evaluates the sports curriculum and skills of the competitors, before confirming the registration.



The philosophy of the IPERTRAIL AID STATION is similar to the management of the alpine bivouac, nothing to do with the standard running aid stations. There are no assisted aid stations. At the refreshment point there may be race staff or not. The monitoring by the organizers is constant through control along the route and from the satellite control room.

  • Aid stations will consist of 40 × 40 cm wooden or plastic boxes in which the competitors will be able to insert everything they want, including clothing and equipment.
  • No items not contained in the box will be accepted.
  • The box must also contain liquids and foods other than water.
  • The competitor, under penalty of disqualification, must pass the chip either on his chest and on the box, after the use of the box and store it in the "CASSE OUT" area.
  • At the aid stations point together with the boxes will be hot water boilers.
  • There will be a tent or cover with hot air to attenuate the frost.
  • At the aid stations, will be present the race staff with the function of control and assistance in case of withdrawal but not of service to competitors.



Article 31 – Race cancellation or date modification


  • The race will be held with all kinds of weather conditions that allow safe racing conditions.
  • If the conditions are not favorable, alternative routes and escape routes are envisaged such as to allow the race to take place.
  • Cancellation condition occurs in case of weather alert issued by local authorities or refusal of authorization by the competent Prefectures due to lack of security conditions. These conditions materially imply the impossibility to held the competition and the availability of the security and rescue team. In case of cancellation, the event will be postponed to the first available date with a transfer of the enrollment. Refunds are not allowed for cancellations due to "force majeure", war or catastrophic events.


last updated 29 march 2018