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By enrolling la Corsa della Bora, you can choose your race goodie bag until September 30, but there’s more!


We are pleased to introduce you to the new telephone registration and “fast registration” service. This is to acquire your registration in a few seconds and then you can complete all the details later when you have time and all the details.

You can choose whether to fill out the fast registration form or call us at +39 040 411341 and we’ll do everything for you.

You can then pay in cash at the S1 Points, by bank transfer or PayPal you can also pay in cash or by debit card and credit card at all the route surveys and at the Corsa della Bora training sessions.  If you prefer the traditional online credit card you can use that too.

Furthermore, our assistance and information help line is always active. Do you have a question? Call us! +39 040 411341


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