The Corsa della Bora takes place in a potentially hostile environment, in a cold period, and has nothing to do with competitions focused solely on athleticism.

Competitors must relate to this event with the optics and rules of hiking, mountain running, and those used to face the natural environment independently without underestimating the rules and prescriptions of the organizers, who act in the interest of maximum safety of the competitors and with full knowledge of the conditions of the course, gained in years of experience in mountaineering.

The event takes on a cross-border course (Italy-Slovenia) and in wild nature, organized on a non-profit basis by the volunteers of the ASD SentieroUNO in collaboration with the Local Associations, Institutional Bodies and People who believe in these values.

Where should I sleep?

The race finish line is in PortoPiccolo, so if you want to sleep at the finish line you can choose PortoPiccolo Apartments Check the map. All the structures listed on this page are committed to offering a direct booking, without intermediary costs at the best price If you need help deciding call us on 0039 […]