la corsa della bora 2022

from 6 to 9 January 2022

A spectacular route, with continuous variations of landscape and background. A unique scenario that embodies the characteristics of the high mountains, but by the sea.

At the refreshment points the best food and wine specialties of the Karst of Trieste and Slovenia , for those who want to face the race with the spirit of travel and fun

The Corsa della Bora expresses these concepts in very different tracks, meeting the needs of every runner: from those who love the road and want to concentrate on a fast and almost road track, to those who love challenging terrain and want grapple with technical steps.


Well 8 races for every level of preparation and commitment: from 16 km on the beautiful Duino cliffs overlooking the Gulf of Trieste, to ever longer distances: 21, 42, 57, 164 km on breathtaking tracks, always varied and never repetitive for the joy of every runner and trail runner. Also there is the Adventure Race Ipertrail with 173 km in GPS navigation

The Corsa della Bora in two minutes


100% real race, with ranking, route controls, ITRA and UTMB points… but you choose the date!

100% real race, with ranking, rout controls, ITRA and UTMB points… but you choose the date!
Covid or no covid? Vacation or no vacation? Hotel room or not? Any other races scheduled?
Will it be possible to travel? What happens if the event is cancelled?
Every time a notification or an email from the race you’ve enrolled appears, instead of rejoicing at the news, you tremble because you fear cancellation!

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Super Ranking S1

If you appear at least 5 times then you are an S1 Senator .

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Are we heading for another season of cancelled races?

We are preparing for a new season with maximum alert levels, fielding all security measures, hoping for the best but ready for the least favourable scenario.

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How do you manage COVID SAFETY?

ASD SentieroUNO was the first organization organize a running event with over 1000 participants in covid era orange alert zone. This has been possible thanks …

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