Are we heading for another season of cancelled races?

Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that’s not the case because we all want to run, but mostly because we hope the overall situation will be better for all of us.

We are preparing for a new season with maximum alert levels, fielding all security measures, hoping for the best but ready for the least favourable scenario.

La Corsa della Bora, Trieste, 8-9 January 2022
Alpe Adria Ultra Trail, Tarvisio, 14-15 August 2021: registrations are open!

From September 2020 to now, as organizers and as competitors we have realized that one of the key factors to face well this period, is to always be present and answer all the questions of the runners. Some have said we’ve even been too present, updates at every new law disposition, Facebook emails, phone and web support.

Because while we can’t control the laws and COVID, we know we have a duty to be ready and answer your every legitimate concern and question .

We have a duty to provide you with all documentation about the race, for travel and to ensure maximum safety of the event. That is what we have done and that is what we are committed to doing for the future.

We have shared our organizational protocols and experience, with other organizers and if you’d like you can download a copy of the documentation. We answered a lot of questions, about how to behave, that we have also received from competitors entered in other races.

We can’t control the virus. We don’t make the laws. What we can do is collaborate, communicate, inform. We have translated it into a our manifesto, into a statement of commitment to the trail world.

That said, open registration for the Corsa della Bora, Trieste, January 8-9, 2022 and Alpe Adria Ultra Trail, Tarvisio, August 14-15, 2021.

As always, prices are not per time but per number of runners, and for those who sign up now there is a saving of up to 40%.

In addition, entries can be switched from one race to another. Moving from the Bora Race to Alpe Adria and vice-versa.

Were you registered for the 2021 Bora race and decided to postpone your registration?

Sign up for the Corsa della Bora 2022 or Alpe Adria Trail and select payment by BANK, at the confirmation email reply: “paid with registration 2021”.

In addition to the even-ods upgrade to the same race,upgrade you upgrade for freeuntil March 30!

Race of the Bora 2021 42 kmAlpe Adria Trail 2021 60 km
Race of the Bora 2021 57 kmAlpe Adria Trail 2021 60 km
Race of the Bora 2021 57 kmAlpe Adria Trail 2021 137 km
Corsa della Bora 2021 80 kmAlpe Adria Trail 2021 137 km
Race of the Bora 2021 42 kmBora race 2022 57 km
Race of the Bora 2021 57 kmBora race 2022 80 km
Corsa della Bora 2021 80 km1/2 Ipertrail light race package
or Ipertrail discount

From 30/03 to 01/05 will be recognized a voucher worth 100% of the credit on the registration Corsa della Bora 2022.


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