Arrive by car
Venice 100 km
Bologna 298 km
Milan 426 km
Florence 414 km

Welcome to Trieste! To get to the Bora Village by car, take the motorway exit A4 “Sistiana” , turn right at the exit and at the first intersection right again, in 5 minutes you have arrived.

There are S1 signs at all intersections. There is a large free car park a few steps from the finish line.

Those who come by car can sleep both in the center of Trieste, in the Pesek area (departure 57 km), and in Sistiana.

An S1 shuttle service connects departure and arrival, Trieste and departures, arrival and Trieste, both on the outward and return journeys.

Arriving by plane
Trieste 20 km
Treviso 120 km
Venice 100 km
Ljubiana 100 km

Trieste airport the E51 shuttle bus from the arrivals takes you directly to the center of Sistiana, 300 meters from Bora Village, is very convenient, if you do not get off at Sistiana and prefer to stay in the center of Trieste, the bus continues to Trieste Central Station. The center of Trieste is then connected with S1 shuttles. It is therefore possible to come by plane and move with direct buses, without changes and without renting a car.

Airports of Ljubljana, Treviso and Venice . Shuttle recommended Go-Opti which at prices around 20 euros connects these airports to Trieste. Don’t wait until the last moment to book the shuttle.

Arriving by train
Venice 1h30 '
Bologna 3 h
Florence 3h30 '
Milan 3h45 '

Trains Frecciarossa, Trieste Centrale: the solution by train is very convenient. Once you arrive at the central station of Trieste there are many affiliated facilities less than 5 minutes walk from the station. On the morning of the race a shuttle leaves directly from the station for the start line of S1 Trail 57 km and S1 Half 21 km. After the race there is a shuttle service that takes the competitors back to Trieste Central Station from the finish.

The car is not needed, all with direct connections. Remember to book the S1 shuttle from your registration page.

Regional Trains Bora Village is 500 meters from Visogliano Station.

Sleeping in Trieste

The list of affiliated hotels and facilities where it will be possible to stay in subsidized price and receive race pack in the room and before early breakfast

For 21, 32, 42, 57 km races

These are in-line races, that is, they start from a point other than the finish point.

You can decide to stay indifferently in the start area, in the finish area (Bora Village, Sistiana) or in Trieste Center.

You can request the race goodie bag directly in the room of your hotel, apartment, hostel or B&B if you book in a partner structure.

  • There morning of the race there are shuttles both from Trieste Central Station and from Bora Village (finish of all races) that lead to the departures. Reservation is mandatory. The cost of the shuttle is 3 euros.
  • The afternoon there are free shuttles without reservations that return approximately every two hours until 7pm to Trieste Central Station

If you plan to arrive shortly before the time limit, we recommend that you stay in the finish area.

For 16, 80, 164 km & Ipertrail races

These are in-line races, with the exception of the 16 km race which starts and ends in Bora Village.

We recommend staying in the finish area, near the Bora Village, as the return shuttle service to Trieste is active in the afternoon and therefore not available for athletes who arrive already in the night or in the morning.

For those traveling with friends or family Trieste can also be a good solution, but in this case it is good to rely on transport from the arrival to the city.

Interactive map of the hotels

Hotels affiliated with La Corsa della Bora
You can request the race pack in the room
Where should I sleep?