Article 01 – General information

The races are characterized by running in nature, aimed at promoting the territory they cross and sport in nature, enhancing the touristic resources, local specialties, and nature, with a view to environmental respect and international cooperation.

It should be remembered that racing takes place in a potentially hostile environment.

Competitors must relate to this event with the optics and rules of hiking, mountain running and those used to face the natural environment independently without underestimating the rules and prescriptions of the organizers, who act in the interest of maximum safety of the competitors and with full knowledge of the facts gained from years of experience in mountaineering.

The event takes on a cross-border character over some distances and consists of semi-autonomous Sky Trail races, organized on a non-profit basis by the volunteers of the ASD SentieroUNO in collaboration with Local Associations, Bodies and People who believe in these values.

The races are affiliated to AICS, ITRA, FIDAL.

The races are both competitive and non-competitive and require the equipment described in these regulations.

The S1 Ipertrail race is subject to the special conditions of participation indicated in the section “IPERTRAIL PARTICIPATION”

The Trieste Urban Ecomarathon is an event organized with Trieste Atletica under FIDAL aegis and included in the FIDAL National Calendar.


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