Article 12 – Start Times

Some distances provide for early or postponed starting groups only by reservation from their competing area.

Nome della garaPartenzaArrivoOrario di partenza:Orario di partenza su prenotazione:
Alpe Adria Trail 25 kmTarvisio, Piazza Unità d'ITATarvisio, Palasport15/08, 8.00 AM-
Alpe Adria Eden Ultra 137 kmTarvisioTarvisio14/08, 5.00 AM-
Alpe Adria Ultra Trail 60 kmTarvisio, Piazza Unita d'ITATarvisio, Palasport o Fusine, Rifugio Zacchi15/08, 6.00 AM15/08, 4.00 AM
S1 1/2 IpertrailKanal (SLO)Bora Village, Sistiana6.00 - 8.0100.00 - 8.01
S1 IpertrailSella Nevea, UdineBora Village, Sistiana06.00 - 7.0100.00 - 7.01
S1 Night TrailBasovizza, TriesteBora Village, Sistiana09/01, 5.0009/01, 0.00
S1 UrbanMolo Audace, TriesteBora Village, Sistiana09/01, 11.30-
S1 EcomarathonPiazza Unità d'ITA, TriesteBora Village, Sistiana09/01, 10.00-
S1 SprintBora Village, SistianaBora Village, Sistiana09/01, 12.1509/01, 12.15-12.30
S1 HalfObeliscoBora Village, Sistiana09/01, 12.00Non competitiva (senza certificato medico agonistico) h 12.15
S1 TrailBasovizzaSistiana09/01, 7.3009/01, 6.30
Nome della garaPartenzaArrivoOrario di partenza:Orario di partenza su prenotazione:


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The Paradise for Winter Running and Trail Running, the ideal destination for running lovers: a spectacular track, with continuous variations of landscape and background. A unique scenario that embodies the characteristics of the high mountains, but by the sea.

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