Article 13 – Maximum time, time barriers and withdrawals

Nome della garaDistanza e AscesaNumero dei ristoriTempo LimiteCancelli
Alpe Adria Trail 25 km25 Km 2020 D+66 h
Km Orario
11,1 h 11 .00
Alpe Adria Eden Ultra 137 km137 Km 6560 D+6 full + 9 liquido38 h
Km Orario
43 h 17 - 14/08b
77.5 h 02.00 - 15/08
116 h 17.00 - 15/08
Alpe Adria Ultra Trail 60 km63 Km 4400 D+ / 44 km 4200 D+615 h / 13 h
Km Orario
km 22 h 13.00
km 43 h 17.00
Km 22 OUT h 8.00 solo start anticipati
S1 1/2 Ipertrail83,2k m 3181 D+538 h
Km Orario
Mali Dol 23.00
S1 Ipertrail163,2 km 8521 D+8+ 45 h
Km Orario
Bovec 16.00
Kobarid 18.00
Solari 00.00
Korada 05.30
Solkan 12.00
Mali Dol 23.00
S1 Night Trail79,1 km 2938 D+1020 h
Km Orario
Premuda km 44 h 13.00
Premuda km 44 Start 0.00 MIN h 09.00
Obelisco km 59 h 15.30
Santa Croce km 71 h 17.30
Arrivo h 20.00
S1 Urban28.4 km 910 D+38 h
Km Orario
Santa Croce km 22 h 17.30
S1 Ecomarathon42.195 Km 1280 D+710 h
Km Orario
km 9 h 13.00
km 22 h 15.30
km 34 h 17.30
km 42.195 h 19.30
S1 Sprint16 Km 250 D+17.30 h ( +2 )
Km Orario
Timavo km 8 h 14.00
Arrivo h 19.00
S1 Half18.2 km 570 D+37.30 h
Km Orario
Santa Croce km 11 h 17.00
Arrivo h 19.30
S1 Trail57km 2130 D+913 h
Km Orario
Premuda km 23 h 12.00
Obelisco km 32 h 15.30
Santa Croce km 50 h 18.00
Arrivo h 19.30
Nome della garaDistanza e AscesaNumero dei ristoriTempo LimiteCancelli
  • The race and refreshment staff have the unquestionable right to stop competitors visibly in a state of difficulty and / or in a state deemed unsafe when the race continues.
  • The race staff has the right to stop the competitors in motion at a speed deemed unsafe in relation to the climatic conditions, even if within the competition time barriers. The minimum safe speed is 3.5 km / h, unless otherwise specified, over a period greater than or equal to 70 minutes.
  • The maximum time is calculated on the official departure time.
  • The wording “+ xx” indicates that the maximum time is extendable of that duration for those who have correctly booked an individual start time.
  • The time barriers are indicated by time, i.e. they report the time of day or night and not the competitor’s race time.
  • The time barriers in entrance apply only to bookings of start times prior to the official start and require the competitor to stop until the time barrier expires or the passage of the first competitor in the race exempt from this restriction.
  • All athletes will receive, after registration closes, an email with a calculation of the suggested departure time based on their ITRA Performance Index, in order to finish the race in maximum comfort. Athletes may ignore this advice but will still be subject, at their own risk, to the time barriers at the entrance and exit.


  • Any withdrawal must be reported immediately to the telephone number indicated on the bib, if necessary, the eventual transport of the competitor to the finish will be organized from the operations room.
  • There is a shuttle service on call for competitors who want to drop the race
  • A shuttle service is provided for collections on a fixed schedule. The stops and timetables of the shuttles are described in the Race Guide and on special banners at the refreshment points.
  • There is a “sweep service” that will cover the track following the last competitor in the race, in order to help the retired and prevent any injured people from being left without assistance.

Any bags and equipment of the withdrawn competitors will be delivered together with the bags of the competitors in the race, or at the end of the race or at the closing of the life base, or at the times indicated in the Race Guide


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