Article 17 – Weather

Given the extreme climatic and meteorological variability, the organization will publish two weather reports on the website www.s1trail.com in the “news” section with the following purposes:

Bulletin 1: 5 days before the race, to inform about the conditions of the route and the weather forecast.
Bulletin 2: 12 hours before the start with the latest updates and the result of the last survey on the route. In conjunction with the Bulletins, additions or

Variations to suggested equipment and race courses

In the event of extreme weather phenomena, landslides or events that make the route impracticable, last-minute changes will be possible. Any changes will be communicated clearly and in the shortest time possible to the participants also through the staff on the route if the race is in progress. In these cases there is no type of compensation to competitors. The suspension of the race is not foreseen in any case: the date and the geographical area are in themselves indicators of a strong possibility of bad weather, which is considered as one of the fundamental components sought by the athlete in the competition.


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