Article 23 – Penalties and disqualifications

The staff of the Organization present on the course are authorized to verify the compliance with the regulations by the runners and communicate the infringements found to the race jury.

All race officials have the right to stop a competitor and apply penalties or disqualifications in the cases provided for by the regulation.

The race jury or the staff on the course, in case of flagrantee, apply penalties according to the following table.

Time penalties are applied immediately, at the end of the race, or in the following days with an increase in the time reported on the official ranking.

  • Voluntary abandonment of waste: disqualification
  • Departure from a control point after the deadline: disqualification
  • Departure in a starting group that is not really: disqualification
  • Cutting of a section of the route exceeding 200m: disqualification
  • Failure to pass through a checkpoint: disqualification
  • External assistance to competitors where not allowed: disqualification
  • Refusal to be checked: disqualification
  • Cheating: use of an unauthorized means of transport, sharing or exchange of bib numbers, marking of wrappers with the number of others: disqualification and banning for life
  • Challenge of the rules: disqualification
  • There is a 30-minute penalty in the event of consumption, transport or use of bars, supplements or gels not bearing the user’s bib number.
  • Do not fill in the registration and/or the disclaimer yourself or fill it in with data, not your own (including telephone or email): cancellation of registration and refund of 75% if before the race, disqualification if these conditions arise in the 24 hours before the race or during the race

Absence of mandatory material: penalty quantified by the controller or the race jury depending on the number of missing elements and the weather and physical conditions of the competitor
Insults, blasphemies, serious disrespect, threats to volunteers or employees of the organization or to other competitors: disqualification and disqualification for life


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