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S1 Ultra

Start : Piazza della Transalpina, Nova Gorica 07/01 h 7.00 - 10.30 - 13.30 - 19.30 
Finish : Bora Village, Sistiana

Attention: we have blocked the price from 2020-2021 until 31/08, given the unstable situation after 31/08 we will evaluate the extent of the price increase. For those who register by 31/08 the price is guaranteed. You can also now pay a deposit of € 5 and ensure that you have a bib at that price.
31/08 - € 150
01/11 - € 170
01/12 - € 190

Profilo Altimetrico

Mappa generale

Time Limit

40 h

Distance and Ascent

161.30km 5750 D+ (iTRA cert. 2023)

Time Barriers
Volčji Grad (IN)21.00
Volčji Grad (OUT)03.00
Sgonico (OUT)05.00
Lipica (OUT)07.30
Premuda (OUT)13.30
Obelisco (OUT)15.30
Kriz (OUT)18.00
Refreshment Points
12 kmSolkan
36 kmRenče
47 kmCerje
65 kmVolčji Grad
83 kmSgonico
94 kmRepen
106 kmLipica
118 kmDraga
127 kmKastelec
135 kmPremuda
145 kmObelisco
157 kmKriz
Bib retrieval times/strong>
Bora Village06/01 h 12.00 - 20.00



Si, 6 points



Start Time

07/01 h 7.00 - 10.30 - 13.30 - 19.30

Other start times


Bag drop off

> 10.00 < 21.00 --> 06/01

Bag Retrieval

Dopo le 15.00 del 08/01

Transition bag point

Km 65 - Km 135

Maximum runners


Mandatory equipment
  • Food and water you will need to run 20 km
  • Trousers and long-sleeved shirt, or a combination that, in case of need, covers the entire arms and legs.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup
  • Head-torch + extra batteries
  • Gloves, hat and waterproof padded jacket, long padded and waterproof trousers
  • Mobile phone + power bank
31/08€ 150
31/10€ 170
01/12€ 190
Shuttle service before the race
Da / FromA / ToTime
Bora VillageStart07/01 h 06.00
Bora VillageStart07/01 h 9.30
Bora VillageStart07/01 h 12.30
Bora VillageStart07/01 h 18.30
Shuttle service after the race
Da / FromA / ToTime
  • The competitions are characterized by running in nature, aimed at promoting the territory they cross and sport in nature, enhancing the gastronomic and naturalistic tourist resources, with a view to respecting for the environment and international cooperation.
  • It should be remembered that racing takes place in a potentially hostile environment.
  • Competitors must relate to this event with the optics and rules of hiking, mountain running, and the attitude used to face the natural environment autonomously, without underestimating the rules and prescriptions of the organizers, who act in the interest of maximum safety of the competitors and with full knowledge of the facts gained from years of experience in mountaineering.
  • The event takes on a cross-border nature over some distances and consists of semi-autonomous Sky Trail races, organized on a non-profit basis by the volunteers of the ASD SentieroUNO in collaboration with local associations, bodies, and people who believe in these values.
  • A general classification with arrival times is foreseen and published on the s1trail.com website
  • There are cash prizes and prizes in kind.
  • Special prizes are awarded to the first finishers and a souvenir of the race certifying the title of “Finisher” to those who have completed the race within the maximum time.
  • In addition, gifts are assigned to all members already at the time of delivery of the bibs Timing is carried out in real-time, with the exception of FIDAL races, so by detecting the interval in which the competitor crosses the starting line and reaches the finish line, regardless of the starting time.


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