Attention: few bibs left


Enrolled on S1 Trail 57 km: 360, maximum number allowed 420, available bibs 60
Registered on S1 Half 21 km: 460, maximum number allowed 550, bib numbers available 90
Enrolled on S1 Ultra 164 km: 92, still 60 bibs available
The average volume of registrations is from 5 to 15 per day … you do the calculations of how much time remains!

When the maximum number reached, registrations will remain open but will be automatically put on a waiting list.



Alpine Rescue Bibs
Every year we raise the price of the last 100 bibs, remove the race package and transfer the sum to the Alpine Rescue. The explanation of the initiative is here.
Given the very high request of the bibs, we will guarantee ALL the participants in November the race package and the standard price, also for those that will have of Alpine Rescue Bib, while maintaining the donation.
Other news:
Bora Village: more parking, more shuttles and enhanced logistics.

Race Guide: at the end of November the race guide will be online with all useful information.

Hotel, B&B and apartments.

The list of hotels and affiliated facilities is online. In these facilities, you can request the race goodie bag and bib to be delivered directly to your room, without having to go and pick it up at the Bora Village. A service that we offer only in the affiliated facilities. These are hotels, apartments and B &Bs that are committed to offering the best price and that are in a strategic position with respect to the race headquarters and the shuttles.

So you can book and stay in the center of Trieste and move only with the S1 shuttles.

This list is constantly updated.

Big news 2019: we have a new guesthouse service directly inside the Bora Village. The maximum comfort for all races, but the places are few and reserved only for those registered for the race. Register and book now.