Back to the roots

Pandemic, covid tests, vaccines, masks, certification certificates, and now, the winds of war. These are years of great concern in the world, in which the joy and lightness we had when we went for a run are going to be increasingly distant.

In recent years we have resisted with two editions during the two pandemic peaks, one of which was in the orange zone and semi lockdown. The focus has always been on safety, but also on trying to ensure normality or at least a non-oppressive atmosphere.

In recent years, on our trail, but also as a competitor in other races, the phrase I heard the most was: “beautiful, well organized, but the joyful atmosphere of the pre-pandemic era is disappeared”.

To this, we must add that between 2022 and 2023 prices are raised, and not just a little: transport, safety, services, and the race goodie bags. And everything increases. Often doubled.

Dear friends, it is impossible to give you quality and professionalism if we almost don’t double the prices. We cannot make it with the costs. If you pay little, even if there is the work of volunteers and sponsors behind it, you cannot expect to have quality and safety. It is like expecting to eat good fish in a big capital city at low prices. Can not be done. Not even if a restaurant owner is committed to it with all his heart and putting just enough margin to live, without getting rich.

These conditions made me think of not organizing La Corsa della Bora anymore.

I fought to do it even in prohibitive conditions, I treated this race like a son, I expelled the competitors disrespectful of the work of the volunteers, and I reimbursed and left at home before the race the competitors who I thought had registered without having the requisites.

I treated this competition as a company that must produce an income and redistributed the fruits of the work in greater service and quality the following year for all the runners.

All the volunteers and the S1 team stood by me in these choices and with them, we faced even the hardest moments with a smile and united.

The Public Bodies have supported us, in particular the AICS, Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, PromoTurismo FVG, the Municipalities of Trieste, Duino Aurisina, and PortoPiccolo but also all the other Bodies involved.

At this moment our ASD could decide whether to reinvest in equipment and services for members, or whether to put everything, down to the last cent and effort into a race that is a dream. All our resources and dreams.

If i dreamt the last dream, it would be a dream of the 8th year of out race, and the third under the pressure of a changing world. The dream of going back to light-minded running on the trails. An eighth year that could be the last year of Corsa della Bora or a new beginning of the world with completely new economic and social dynamics.

This is why a dreamy, serene and non-vibrant image.

Running together side by side with people I admire and love celebrating
Peace into the sunset of a brighter future for all…

An image from the past, with a hope for the future.

An atmosphere that cradles reassuring and the adrenaline of the icy Bora wind that gives us the energy to look forward.

A future that perhaps no one expected but it could also be, finally, better than we expect.

In practical terms, here are the news for 2023:

  • Prices are blocked at 2020 levels for those who register NOW by paying a deposit of 5 euros and with time to pay until 30 October 2022
  • Confirmed finish line in PortoPiccolo, with increased spaces and further expansion of the catering service dedicated to runners.
  • New non-competitive distances for the whole family.
  • New 164 km route, with detour time barriers: if you don’t get to the two main gates in time, your race becomes a 90 or 130, ITRA certified.
  • Start from Piazza Unità for the 32 and 42 K
  • Goodie bag and services as in previous years, without any cuts.

  • Update 2023 edition prices on 1 September 2022, according to market conditions, for all registered runners after 1 September. 

With a view to dreams and hope, we want to set ourselves goals, we want to believe in the future and we want you to do so too. We are therefore giving free registration to long races (over 42K) to those who have the dream of an ultra but have not been able to afford it economically. Free participation conditions are below.

We will reveal the news listed above and many others, as the months go by.

Registrations are open and the site is updated.

We faced what we thought was the worst.

We are ready to start over again, with you, full of hope for a bright future.

We do not say “everything will be fine”, but running on the Karst we scream “Being here is wonderful” – “Essere qui è meraviglioso”.

Tommaso de Mottoni
Race Director

Free registration until 31/08 for those who have already participated or want to participate for the first time at a distance above 42K but who have a credible basis to complete it. Income below 15K is required for 2021, or a student in good standing with the study plan. In the event of a request for exemption from the quote for income, send proof on annual income to priority at s1trail dot com The documentation will be reviewed and deleted immediately after viewing. If qualifying, a free code valid until 30/08 will be issued which will guarantee an indistinguishable registration from the other runners


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