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Cammina Bora

As part of the event S1 La Cora della Bora which will take place in Trieste on 2nd, 3rd, 4th – 5th -6th January 2021, the Muggia subsection of the C.A.I. – S.A.G. organizes on Sunday 5th January a guided cross-border hike open to all on the Karst of San Servolo (Socerb-SLO) with a guided visit to the Socerbska Sveta Jama (Saint Cave of San Servolo).

A ring route will be carried out with departure and arrival from the Val Rosandra Visitor Center (Prešeren Theater) in Bagnoli. We will begin on the path 01 of the C.A.I. in a southerly direction, to head towards Caresana, which will be reached by narrow paths known to hikers and used for centuries. From the former school of Caresana we go up to Prebenico and then descend steeply to Ospo (Osp-SLO), but without reaching the village, along marked SPP paths (Slovenski Planinarski Put).

We will resume the climb towards Kastelec and then Socerb. Here is a guided tour of the Holy Cave of St. Servol (Socerbska Sveta jama), which is the only underground church in Slovenia.
It will be possible, only for those interested, to visit the interior of the underground Church with a local guide at a cost of € 3.00 to be paid directly  to guide of the cave.

The duration of the excursion is 4/5 hours and is recommended for walkers accustomed to rough terrain and to the overcoming of steep slopes even in the presence of contained slopes. Registration to be made on the S1Trail website is mandatory. For the members of the Italian Alpine Club, Asd SentieroUno, Trieste Atletica and for the companions of S1 Trail runners, no fee is due.

Meeting point at the Bagnoli Visitor Center: 08.30 am  Sunday January 3rd 2021 – Google Maps
(registrations and issue of the participation card)

Hike start: 9.00 am
Hike finishes: 1.00 pm / 2.00 pm

Online map, thecnical data and track profile

Tour Director: Luciano Comelli / C.A.I.-S.A.G. MUGGIA

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Il Bora Village

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