We are not putting out this fire‚Äč

The skeletons of our black pines and sumac remain standing, blackened in snapshots of a last cry of pain from our land, plants, animals and the soul of the Karst.

A scenario that catapults us back more than a hundred years, to the Great War, when the Karst, bathed only by blood and suffering, was just as it appears today.

La Corsa della Bora with you at all races, all year round!

A water-repellent and insulating microfleece sheet, size 130×150 cm with thermal lining: ideal for a summer picnic, to spread it out on the lawn and rest after a race or to wrap yourself up and protect yourself from the cold in the middle of winter. Being waterproof it can also become a shelter for the rain.

Back to the roots

With a view to dreams and hope, we want to set ourselves goals, we want to believe in the future and we want you to do so too. We are therefore giving free registration to long races (over 42K) to those who have the dream of an ultra but have not been able to afford it economically. Free participation conditions are below.

S1 TV Corsa della Bora 2022

Live Results 2022 Live Ipertrail 2022 Registred Runners 2022 Photo 2022 Aggiornamenti live | Live update “Corsa della Bora 2022” In this first video of our schedule we present:20:00 Corsa della Bora – official video20:02 Ipertrail briefing in Italian20:09 Ipertrail briefing in English Live Results 2022 Live Ipertrail 2022 Registred Runners 2022 Photo 2022


The costiera road will be closed to traffic

the afternoon of Sunday 9 January 2022
to allow the athletes of the Corsa della Bora a triumphant arrival at the finish line in Portopiccolo.

From 12 to 19
access will be forbidden to vehicles, so it will be possible to walk along the panoramic road for an unusual walk and reach the Bora Village to see the competitors of the Ipertrail at the finish line. A goal that will be reached after a 164 km route along the most evocative paths of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and of the Slovenian Karst, starting from Sella Nevea on Friday 7th January.

COVID update 15 December 2021

“to anyone who re-enters the national territory following a stay of no more than 48 hours in foreign places located at a distance of no more than 60 km from the place of residence, domicile or dwelling, provided that the movement takes place by private means”;

Cloakroom, showers and AICS protocol

In accordance with current legislation, we can guarantee a cloakroom service that complies with sanitary, social distancing and covid infection prevention standards. We will therefore apply the same procedures as we had in 2021.

Refreshments Corsa della Bora 2022

In 2022 we will repeat the protocols we applied in 2021 at the refreshment points We want to ensure maximum comfort and safety, but from you, some cooperation will be necessary. Please have with shorter stops to avoid crowds and follow the instructions provided

This year’s finish line? Fabulous!

A finish line that had never been seen before, literally on top of the pier, on the sea and framed by PortoPiccolo, the castles of Miramare and Duino and with the snow-capped mountains in the background.


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