Night Trail: A Journey Through Day and Night, Mountains and Sea.

Holger Schulze, a passionate trailer from Munich, is a veteran of the Corsa della Bora, and has already participated in our race three times, particularly in the 57 km distance. He is fascinated by the marvelous landscape and the opportunity to run a challenging ultramarathon with pleasant temperatures already in January. In this article, we will explore the 82 km course through his eyes.

Ecomarathon: A trail run, but not too much.

The Corsa della Bora – The Bora Wind Race – was born as a 57 km race: a contest with mountain trails but by the sea, in the middle of winter. The greatest satisfaction comes when runners, who have completed it, say, “I didn’t expect such challenging terrain.” The 42 km race of the Corsa della Bora, the S1 Ecomarathon, is exactly the opposite.

Due gare che non sono solo caratterizzate da diversi chilometraggi, ma da uno spirito completamente diverso. Due mondi con lo stesso panorama, sul Golfo di Trieste.


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