Cloakroom, showers and AICS protocol

In accordance with current legislation, we can guarantee a cloakroom service that complies with sanitary, social distancing and covid infection prevention standards. We will therefore apply the same procedures as we applied in 2021.

  • Bags deposited personally in the storage area will have no weight limit.
  • We will provide everyone with 2 labels that must be attached to the bag.
  • We will provide everyone with a 100L extra durable liquid tight plastic 1 type “waste bag”.
  • Bags without labels will not be accepted.
  • No bags will be accepted that are not placed in a plastic bag as described point 3.
  • Deposited bags will be sanitized with alcohol solution
  • The storage area will be open-air and self-service on numbered, manned and orderly aisles. We recommend that, in addition to the bag provided, you put an extra insulation bag in case of bad weather.
  • When to deposit the bags: during the bib delivery times.
  • There is no intermediate bag for the 57 km
  • A post-race shower service is provided. It will be necessary to respect the social distancing and to sanitize your space before and after use. In the showers it will be necessary to comply with the same rules of conduct for access to locker rooms and gyms provided for in the AICS protocol
  • AICS Protocol


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