😃 Watch out for the price change and 🎁🎁 choose your race goodie bag! 🏃‍♂️ 🏃🏼‍♀️

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This year, prices change according on the number of the runners and not on the date.

Sign up now, and get the best price, on almost all races!

The first price increase has already been applied on the 80 and 42 km, but you still have time to register with a reduced fee!

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Discover the S1 race goodie bag:

S1 Multifunction neck warmer (in polar fleece) on all races, useful and necessary for comfort and health safety, t-shirt, sleeves and waterproof bags on other races


… And only for those who register by September the choice of the race goodie bag!


Only those who register within the month of September will be able to choose their ideal race goodie bag from the registration form, from October onwards we will choose it, and it will still be a super goodie bag:


21 and 16 km: S1 Multifunction neck warmer or choice by 30/09 t-shirt and sleeves or t-shirt or 5 euro discount

42 km: neck warmer + t-shirt or 5 euro discount

57 km: S1 Multifunction neck warmer + t-shirt + sleeves

80 km: S1 Multifunction neck warmer + t-shirt and sleeves + bag or 7 euro discount


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