Aurisina Ipertrail – CP 7a



Do you think it’s over soon? You are wrong! There’s still a long way to go! Continue to follow the marked path to the end of the PortoPiccolo village, then take the GPS again, the Ipetrail track here splits and will take you first on the Rilke path.
At the road crossing you take the Rilke Path. The most beautiful panoramic path of the city is dedicated to Rainer Maria Rilke, Austrian poet and writer of Bohemian origin who, at the beginning of the twentieth century, was a guest at Duino in the castle of Princess Maria della Torre and Tasso.
The path, of about 2 km, runs along the ridge between the bay of Sistiana and the area of ​​Duino and develops along the marvelous rock formations (cliffs) that dominate 80 meters high overlooking the sea. A scenario of great emotions that includes the Gulf of Trieste, the variegated coastal environment characterized by the cliffs and a particular botanical mix that is found only here. Here the continental flora borders on the Mediterranean one, tenaciously clinging to the rocks. Along the way, always pay close attention to passers-by. There are also several bunkers of the First World War open to the sea.
Attention, you are on the path of the 16 km, which proceeds in the opposite direction. So don’t worry if you see runners moving in the opposite direction. The Ipertrail group is small and the 16 km is not competitive, so it is run at a recreational pace. However, it is important to pay attention.
Leaving the Rilke trail, you enter the village of Duino. Use the GPS. The Ipetrail route is different from the one marked! You then go up towards the town of Medeazza passing next to the Agriturismo Pernancih, where you can order a Tea and a Snack paid by the organization. Attention, the farm is not on the track. You can, however, make a detour by continuing on the asphalt in the town center to reach it. It is the first house you will find The prize of this little “treasure hunt” is that you can order without paying! A little surprise before the last descent.

How to reach the shuttle

Bus Service

Aurisina -> Bora Village  h 14.45 – 16.45  – 18.45
Aurisina -> Pesek  h 15.05 – 17.05  – 19.05

You can wait for the shuttle at the refreshment point until the time of the shuttle, or get on the bus in the opposite direction and wait for the complete lap in a warm vehicle.

+39 040 411341

Thanks to  Trieste Trasporti for the support.  The enhancement of the local transport service allows full mobility options to the competitors and spectators of the Corsa della Bora