164 km – S1 Ultra

€ 167 € 137
S1 Ultra: a " 100 miles" that runs on the borders of three states: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia from the mountains to the sea, from the forests to the highlands swept by the Bora wind and overlooking the sea.
Bora, Bike and fun: 87 km and 1500 D + in a perfect ring between sea and mountains to discover the magic of the winter Karst
SOLO 2022

Ipertrail 2022

€ 260 € 173
A new concept of "100 miles": in Ipertrail it makes little sense to talk about km and D +. This, rather than being a race, is a challenge of Resilience. With a capital R. IPERTRAIL "THE WILDEST AND MOST RESILIENT ENDURANCE RUN"
Classic / Fast / Tecnical

S1 Half 21 km

€ 35 € 25
S1 Half, 21 km breathtaking: from the mountains to the sea in a continuous alternation of fast terrain with some technical passages. The essence of running in the mountains, by the sea!

S1 Night Trail 80 km

€ 95 € 70
A route designed to maximize the magic of the winter nights: cross the forests and ridges between Slovenia and Croatia in the dark that amplifies emotions and sensations, where the trees illuminated by the headlamp draw suggestive figures in a magical and muffled atmosphere.
Fast / Easy

S1 Sprint 16 km

€ 30 € 20
S1 Sprint: 16 km of pure adrenaline with 440 meters of ascent, steep climbs, fast descents and breathtaking landscapes
Classic / Tecnical

S1 Trail 57 km

€ 70 € 48
With S1 Trail, La Corsa della Bora, do not expect to find a stretch that looks like the other! A race with wide and flowing paths where you can ask for the maximum from your legs, interspersed with single track trails. One of the most beautiful trail running trails in Trieste with screes that reminiscent of the high altitude Dolomites landscapes ... less than 400 meters above sea level.

S1 Urban Eco Marathon

€ 52 € 30
We could call it "Marathon 3.0" or "Urban Eco Marathon": a real evolution of the concept of marathon, to return to the origins of the Marathon itself. An evolution towards a future that learns and is inspired by the past, to the most authentic one: a 42 km race from Marathon to Athens, on a track that initially climbs and then gradually descends on a sliding but certainly not asphalted terrain. That's where the Marathon was born and here it is in its most authentic sense.