164 km – S1 Ultra

€ 167 € 137
S1 Ultra: a " 100 miles" that runs on the borders of three states: Italy, Slovenia and Croatia from the mountains to the sea, from the forests to the highlands swept by the Bora wind and overlooking the sea.
Bora, Bike and fun: 87 km and 1500 D + in a perfect ring between sea and mountains to discover the magic of the winter Karst
SOLO 2022

Ipertrail 2022

€ 260 € 173
A new concept of "100 miles": in Ipertrail it makes little sense to talk about km and D +. This, rather than being a race, is a challenge of Resilience. With a capital R. IPERTRAIL "THE WILDEST AND MOST RESILIENT ENDURANCE RUN"
Classic / Fast / Tecnical

S1 Half 21 km

€ 35 € 25
S1 Half, 21 km breathtaking: from the mountains to the sea in a continuous alternation of fast terrain with some technical passages. The essence of running in the mountains, by the sea!

S1 Night Trail 80 km

€ 95 € 70
The white of the limestone of the karst ridges meets the headlamp giving evocative reflections in a scenario where the lights of distant Trieste, overlooking the sea, are always visible in the background, a finish line that shows up but cannot be reached without effort!
Fast / Easy

S1 Sprint 16 km

€ 30 € 20
S1 Sprint: 16 km of pure adrenaline with 440 meters of ascent, steep climbs, fast descents and breathtaking landscapes
Classic / Tecnical

S1 Trail 57 km

€ 70 € 48
Solo 57 km or Relay 25 + 32 km. The 57 km course of Corsa della Bora, in 2021 will have a completely revolutionized route, which in the first stretch will not only cross Val Rosandra, but also climb Mount Cocusso:  the highest peak of the Trieste Karst. A very fast start towards the first ascent: steep but technically easy, to rocket yourself headlong into Val Rosandra with the longest continuous descent on the Trieste Karst.

S1 Urban Eco Marathon

€ 52 € 30
We could call it "Marathon 3.0" or "Urban Eco Marathon": a real evolution of the concept of marathon, to return to the origins of the Marathon itself. An evolution towards a future that learns and is inspired by the past, to the most authentic one: a 42 km race from Marathon to Athens, on a track that initially climbs and then gradually descends on a sliding but certainly not asphalted terrain. That's where the Marathon was born and here it is in its most authentic sense.