Did you ever run a 100 miles race?

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Why run a 100 miles race?

What are the motivations, the preparation, the expectations and the companies of such a long race? On the occasion of the Corsa della Bora 2020 Terroir Films is carrying out the project for a documentary film on S1 Ultra, the first 100 miles of the year: a race between Italy and Slovenia, between the intense blue of the Gulf of Trieste and the snow-capped peaks of the mountains of Slovenia.

A 100-mile race that is a double challenge: not only for the kilometers but also for the period of ‘year.


Did you ever run a 100 miles race?

Send us your application to participate in the race for free and be one of the protagonists of this film.

Tell us who you are, your motivations and your expectations.  Your goal will remain between you and us until the day of the race, it will be our secret, we will prepare together for this unique journey and we will follow you in these 6 months of approach.

An adventure which will start in July and will become a film, a memory with unique images and emotions. From May 15th to July 6th the selections will open for 3 candidates who will face this distance for the first time in their lives.


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Pre selezions are closed

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