F.A.Q. Frequently Asked Questions


RACES OF 21, 57, 80, 164 AND 173 KM and relay 57 (25 + 32)

Each competitor must be considered suitable for the competitive activity with high cardiovascular commitment by a sports doctor . When registering, the competitor declares to be in possession of this eligibility at the date of the race.

We do not collect copies of medical certificates (but this in no way exempts you from having them), and we accept any certificate that certifies by a sports doctor suitability for competitive cardio-vascular activity. Therefore, the classic medical certificate for athletics is fine but the certificates for the triathlon, swimming, competitive cycling, etc. are also valid.

No FIDAL or Run Card is needed.

We take care of the insurance of each competitor.




Each competitor must be considered suitable for competitive cardio-vascular activity by a sports doctor. When registering, the competitor declares to be in possession of this eligibility at the date of the race and undertakes to upload a copy of it to his Runner Profile S1


Here’s how to book and buy the shuttle!

Return shuttles are included and do not require a reservation.

If you have already bought the ticket, go to step 5

  1. Enter your Runner Profile
  2. Select “Extra Services”
  3. Select “Shuttle”
  4. Pay by card, bank transfer, cash
  5. Log in to your Runner Profile
  6. Select the desired starting point
  7. Save your choice
  8. You will receive an e-mail in the days before the race and you will be able to read the assigned bus number and boarding directions in your Runner profile.


  • You can change your choice independently as many times as you want until the term indicated in the Runner Profile
  • If you make your choice but do not purchase the shuttle, the access ticket will not be issued


soccorso alpino trieste la corsa della bora running e trail running

If online registrations are only open with the “Mountain Rescue / Soccorso Alpino” option, this means that the maximum number of “ordinary” places has been reached.



At the beginning of the year, we assign the maximum number of competitors for each race, in addition to which the remaining places go in favor of the Alpine Rescue. It is a fixed quota that if modified, would void the sense of this initiative.



The mechanism: we make a count of how many places are available and how many of them cover the costs of the race.
The Corsa della Bora is not an initiative to make a profit, so once the operating costs are covered, the remaining places that can be run safely are devolved to the people that everyday guard on our trails.

Other races raise the price, earning more, precisely on those places that already have a very high margin.
We do the opposite: we give up the most profitable sale, to the most valuable BIBS, because we are grateful and aware of the value of the service that is given to us free of charge every day.


These bibs are identical to the normal ones, they differ only in color and because they do not have a goodie bag, just to maximize the amount to be given in support.

Those who purchase them have the same services: shuttle, wardrobe, refreshments, same ranking, finisher medal, showers, massages, pasta party, insurance and much more, but do something more than the other competitors. Give up something of your own, like us at S1, to help one day help others every day.
The best way to start the year with a good star.
All those who buy these bibs, then receive an email confirming the payment to the beneficiary.


The amount is equally split between the Slovenian and Italian Alpin Rescue teams, according to the km covered

It is possible to have the race goodie bag also with a Mountain Rescue bib, but it is necessary to request it as an extra.

No, the START lines are separated and only some route sections are overlapping.

In particular: the 21 km corresponds to the last 21 km of the 57 km and the 57 km coincides with the last 44 of the 164 km. The 8 km and the non-competitive routes have different paths.

To be a senator you must have participated to all editions of S1 except one.


Mountain Bike

At Corsa della Bora we are very fond of animals, and besides a strong environmental awareness that we try to express with a very restrictive regulation to protect the environment,  and a total absence of plastic enclosures on the path, we are committed to the protection of all living species and ecosystems we cross.

With this attitude, our four-legged friends could not be excluded from the Corsa della Bora.  We created a Run / Walk specially for them, with animators for dogs, games and entertainment You can read on this page all the information on a S1 Dog

In addition to the S1 Dog, there are non-competitive routes / walks where dogs are not only allowed, but are welcome. Then read the information on the Marcia della Bora on this page

However, the 8 km, 21 km, 57 km and 164 km races are exclusively reserved for runners and not even the access with any aid other than trekking poles is allowed.
Unfortunately, we can not bring our four-legged friends on these tracks.

There are two reasons: the first concerns the safety of those who run.
The paths are narrow, there are steps in which a leash could be dangerous for the other competitors and the space is carefully calibrated on the number of participants. Every year we have to refuse an increasing number of applications to the race for the same reason. The number of participants is limited and restricted.
the second reason concerns the safety of dogs. The same dogs, although on a leash, could be overwhelmed by other competitors and there are several steps on the karst rock “campo carreggiato” that does not bother us that we wear trail shoes, but that could easily hurt the legs of our best four-legged friend.

Exact. It’s correct!. If there are fountains they are closed for the winter.

You will not even find lodges, shelters or anything else.

Exceptions, not always open:
Refuge at km 50.6 (Monte Cocusso)
Refuge at km 100 (Monte Taiano), but of course, it depends on what time you get there.

At km 34.5 (Col) there may be a restaurant if you get there in the opening hours.
No rivers, springs, streams or even puddles along the way.

My suggestion is to rely only on the refreshments

You have 3 ways to enroll

If you want to participate in non-competitive events, consult the individual event page. For the Marcia della Bora, for example, you register on the day of the event at the Bora Village


The  164 km race starts and finishes at the  Bora Village, the map and position is here.

The 57 km race starts from Pesek and arrives at the  Bora Village. A dedicated shuttle service transports competitors from Trieste Central Station or Bora Village to Pesek on the morning of the race, before the race. The same service can then transfer back the competitors who departed from Trieste, from the Bora Village to Trieste, after the race or a Pesek.

The  21 km race starts from Opicina and finishes at the  Bora Village. A dedicated shuttle service transports competitors from Trieste Central Station or Bora Village to Opicina on the morning of the race, before the race. The same service can then transfer back the competitors who departed from Trieste, from the Bora Village to Trieste, after the race or to Opicina. So you can indifferently sleep in the starting area, finish or in the city center. Shuttles are shown in the Race Guide.

The 16 km starts ed finishes at the Bora Village.


Every year a Race Guide is published in November with a detailed timetable of the shuttles and information, until November the guide of the previous year is available at this link, to get a rough indication of the logistics.
Race Guide

The S1 Shuttles are available both for the runners and their companions

If you are looking for info about public transportation from Trieste-Bora Village and Airport, you might be interested in this FAQ

Accommodation information

The shuttles leave from the center of Trieste and from the Bora Village, so you can decide to sleep in the city or at the arrival area. The same shuttle takes you back to the city after the race. So the whole race is accessible without using your own means of transportation, but only with the shuttles provided by the organization.

From our website, in the section “Information -> Getting to Trieste” you will find all the ways to get to Trieste and under the list of hotels registered with us. You can view the structures on the map and choose the type that best suits your needs.

The presence of the S1 shuttle service is also indicated in the description of the structure.

So, if you prefer to be near the arrival area you can select the facilities in the arrival area, if you prefer to do “city life” do not worry, with the shuttles you are perfectly connected to the race. We suggest not to sleep in Pesek, the start of 57 km if you run the 57km and you plan to finish it in more than 10 hours. you give you the maximum comfort and time to shower, have a massage and a good meal before the last shuttle.

The link to the hotels where you can book your race goodie bag and get it right in your hotel room. No need to collect it at the race Headquarters in Bora Village before the race: https://www.s1trail.com/hotel/

You have three ways to register at 16-21-57-164 km:

  If you want to participate in non-competitive events, consult the individual event page. For the Marcia della Bora for example, you register on the day of the event at the Bora Village

To get the extra shirt, follow three steps:

  1. • Select the size in your wedosport registration form
  2. • Pay the difference of € 15 in cash, bank transfer or PayPal https://www.s1trail.com/en/accordion-item/article-9-payment/
  3. • Send us the payment receipt (bank transfer only)

If you also want the bag, the extra is € 15.

You will receive an email from wedosport confirming the upgrade to the premium race goodie bag.

Tell me more about the other goodie bags! https://www.s1trail.com/en/accordion-item/goodie-bag-2019/

This option is valid only for those who have enrolled to the race.

Attention: you can buy the race shirt also the day of the race but it will cost 5 euro extra and we cannot guarantee the availability of all the 7 sizes. 

We can not in any way handle liability waivers sent by e-mail

To upload the Liability Waiver, access your Wedosport registration, through your online profile or with the link you received in the confirmation email of an offline registration.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on DOCUMENTS as shown in the picture

So in the next page download the waiver form, fill it, sign it and then  upload the release:

All the parking info are listed in the  RACE GUIDE. 
If you didn’t read the Race Guide, read it now.

To make things easier we summarized here the key info:

We have plenty of parking spots. However, to create more, we have even closed a road. We invite you, if possible, to use public transportation and the S1 shuttles that connect the center of Trieste to the Bora Village.

Up to 10.00 am it will be possible to park in the area around the Bora Village, from 10.00 onwards the traffic will be closed and it will be possible only to go out.

The 2021 edition will take place on January 3rd. The hours and dates shown therefore refer to January 3, 2021


A great alternative is to park in PortoPiccolo, get off in the bay by car and from the parking lot take the elevator towards Cava Alta that leads to the coast road.

There are 1500 meters on foot, but it allows you to park comfortably and for free indoors and to visit PortoPiccolo.


Additional parking:

The 16 km is competitive and is called S1 Sprint:

Course along the Rilke path. To participate, you do NOT need a doctor’s certificate and you register online.
Even 6 and 13 km are non-competitive and open to everyone.
Percorso along Mount Ermada. You do not need a medical certificate and you register at 8.00 am on January 6.
To know the difference between S1 Sprint and 6 and 13 of the March of the Bora, read here

The 16 km, S1 Sprint wants to get familiar with the world of trail racing known even to those who don’t usually compete.

S1 Sprint is organized exactly as a competitive event, with the same refreshments, mandatory equipment, regulation, gadgets in the race goodie bag, pasta party and finisher medal. We also have an arrival order of all the runners. However, there is NOT a ranking with the arrival times as there is NO prize-giving for the top three finishers, this, in fact, makes the race uncompetitive.

Sign up at this distance if you do NOT have a valid medical certificate, or if your certificate is expired. We do not recommend this distance to walkers. Registrations are open only online or at our S1 Points

The Marcia della Bora is a FIASP of 6 and 13 km. We will no provide any race goodie bag. There are no finisher medals. There is no massage service.  Pasta party is not provided. Refreshments are essential. This is the classic FIASP event, suitable for the whole family, for those who run and those who walk. It is possible to enroll only on the day of the event.

If you do not have a car the general suggestion to follow is to sleep in the finish line area in Sistiana if you do not plan to visit Trieste, in the Central Station area if you wish to visit the city.

Try to check FAQs on where the start and finish of the races are and how they are connected by public transport and S1 Shuttles and the list of hotels and B & Bs where it is possible to book the race goodie bag and bib number directly in your hotel room

On 23/12 we close the ULTRA entries, we evaluate all the ITRA scores and assign the starting group.



S1 Ultra 164 km has a double start system, this to facilitate all runners. Both the fastest and the slowest, and to offer everyone the maximum comfort and the minimum hours of darkness during the race.

This system involves an enormous effort from the organization as to give everyone more time, we must keep the course open for several hours. In order to prevent some runners from “taking advantage” of this system we have decided limitations.

Check the time barriers in our rules:


The first starting group is therefore designed for those who intend to complete the route in more hours and therefore there is a gate to the KM 85 – Golac – in order to avoid that the fastest runners choose the departure time thought for the slower ones, or, they can choose it but then they have to wait for the opening of the barrier or the passage of the first athlete of the second group.

The minimum time gate is therefore not applied to those leaving in the second group

From this page: https://www.s1trail.com/gps

GPS GPX Tracks of La Corsa della Bora S1 Trail 21 km 57 km 164 km 173 km

It is necessary to clarify the concept of Ipertrail and the concept of S1 Ultra

Ipertrail, more than a race is a challenge in strategy and navigation. A mountain experience with a very expensive support for transporting the material of the competitors in boxes, synchronized with the movements of the single person and a race with a constant monitoring of each runner. Doing this has very high costs and requires a low number of participants. This is why the race is one of a kind. No organizer has decided to create a race that does not generate profits, but only costs, and is based only on carrying forward an idea in its purity, a concept of ultra trail. The most important thing, however, is to understand that those who choose this race must love the “adventure”, must be able to appreciate the idea of being apparently alone in the middle of nowhere. They must want to challenge their minds before their legs. In two editions we realized that, despite the online explanations and the single contact of each runner, only 60% of the selected competitors understood this concept. Added to this is we have a 30% refusal of registration requests due to lack of requirements. This has meant that those who are our efforts to give a unique experience, were seen by some runners as a discomfort caused or an organizational lack.
For example, providing personal BOXES does not mean saving money on food for refreshments, but this is generating very high costs of logistics and management in favor of creating a completely different racing experience.

We strongly believe in Ipertrail, a unique race, a challenge that those who completed it will remember for life and a completely different running experience from the common races. This experience is reserved for small amount of runners. And those few are the lovers of this kind of experience, not the fastest or the strongest athletes. Ipertrail is not a traditional race and this must be clear.

We did not want to change the spirit but we wanted to satisfy even those looking for a traditional Ultra, with route markings, refreshments and all the standard services of the classic 100 miles. In short, one of those races that many sign up, without reading the rules, and then won’t find unwelcome “surprises” (read the regulations!)

The only way not to betray Ipertrail’s spirit and satisfy those who love the traditional 100, was to create two distinct races.

So here in the ODD years, there is only S1 Ultra, a 164 km that runs in the opposite direction the path of the Ipertrail 2018. All info here and the map here: https://www.s1trail.com/gps164/

A race open to all, marked, with the rules of the traditional 100 miles and a maximum number of 150 runners.

The start times have also been adapted to guarantee a fast race, accessible to all runners and with the minimum number of hours of darkness. Online registration here: https://www.s1trail.com/en/registrations/

In the EVEN years, there is the 167 km Ipertrail and also S1 Ultra whose course will change at each edition, creating a unique journey and a discovery of the Triestine Karst, Slovenian and in the future also of the Croatian one.
In 2020 we anticipate that the route will start from Gorizia to touch the Vipacco Valley, Mount Nanos, Mount Taiano and then arrive in Trieste. A truly amazing journey. Detailed information will be published within 12 months from the date of the race.This will allow those who love the kind to have a different travel experience at each edition, while still maintaining the spirit and without facilitating those who have already participated.
Registration only by invitation or after a chat with the organization. You can write or contact us from here


Saremo felici di accordarti il cambio gara se nella gara di destinazione ci sono ancora posti.

Questo è valido solo per gli upgrade, i downgrade sono sempre consentiti.

  1. Verifica che le iscrizioni per la gara a cui sei interessato siano aperte o se sono chiuse mandaci una mail di richesta info.
  2. Entra nel tuo Runner Profile 
  3. Seleziona Servizi Extra
  4. Seleziona Cambio gara
  5. Inserisci nel campo note la distanza
  6. Concludi la procedura


We accept many forms of payment: cash, PayPal, credit card and bank transfer.

Some forms of payment allow us to instantly synchronize the data, others require a manual check of the account statements. For this reason, especially in times of the increased amount of work, it may happen that there are delays in synchronization.

We ask you to upload the payment receipt in your registration profile, this to make the registration practices almost immediate. We also need a documented record for all transactions.

We cannot accept any kind of document sent by email. If you need assistance in uploading your receipt please see this FAQ.

Given the fact that we are talking about differences of a few meters, or a few hundred meters in altitude on almost 170 km of route, the discrepancies are not really relevant. As we have these discrepancies is legit to ask why we have them. Let’s see the reason.

Each site and each system has its own way of calculating distances and ascents, this is because the algorithms are designed to compensate for GPS reading errors with the characteristics of the terrain. Normally these algorithms produce small differences, but this is not always the case.

The algorithms are extremely accurate where there are continuous ascents or descents and fairly uniform ground, but they can generate large discrepancies where there are positive and negative gradients of a few meters in a few meters.

For example, if in 6 meters of track you climb 70 cm and go down 40 to then rise again by 40, the typical Karst terrain, the approximation calculations will say that in those 6 meters you will have made 60 cm in ascent and not 110. This, on tens and tens of kilometers, creates discrepancies of even 200-300 meters.





Another element that affects these data is the number of points on the track on which these calculations are made. Try to take any of your tracks, reduce it to 1/3 or 1/5 of the original points, load it again and read the result. It will be different from that of the starting track.

A detailed explanation of how distances are “considered” and certified is given in this article.

Let’s make it easy:

  • In the altimeters, you will find the data that you will feel in your legs and that your wrist GPS will probably return.
  • In the regulation, you will find the numbers that derive from the official certification algorithm.As you’re reading this page, at the end of the race, tell us yours. Did we approximate the Karst terrain well, or was the general algorithm okay? Or do we have both got it “wrong”?


The Corsa della Bora (Bora Race) in Trieste is a Trail running event that provides a special discount for both sports groups, affiliated sports associations, students and race senators.

The “student” discount is reserved for all the races that contemplate it in the regulations under point “Registration Fee”. For “Students” we mean all those enrolled in a primary, secondary, state or private university or professional institute. To obtain the discount, simply send an e-mail with the request and the institute id card copy, or student proof of registration to enroll@s1trail.com



Return trip Bora Village to Trieste

For those who want to run the 16 km S1 race, Sprint can use the return shuttles according to the schedule published on the race guide. Use included in the registration fee.

Outward trip  Trieste to Bora Village

From Trieste to Sistiana, for the outward trip, we recommend using the airport shuttle that leaves from the same square from where our buses are departing and stop a short distance from Bora Village (departure and arrival of the 16 km race arrival for all runners of all races).
The ticket costs 1.5 euros and is issued at the bus station.
The Line is called E51 and starts from the Trieste Bus Station. (Google Maps)
The stop is that of Sistiana and below is a map that explains how to get from the stop to the Bora Village. It is very easy because you follow the last 700 meters of the racecourse.
We recommend the 10.50 ride if you have already withdrawn the race number and the goodie bag, the 8.55 ride if you have to collect the goodie bag. The times shown here are correct and verified in October 2019, for security we advise you to check any changes the day before.
It is possible to book the goodie bag from Mima Sport in Trieste or in the affiliated hotels for those who stay there.
Here’s how to book the bib and race goodie bag.


(Click on the image for the full version and also view the weekdays)




There are three options.

  1. Train: Visogliano stop. Fast and 150 meters from Bora Village.
    Click here and select Departure Trieste Centrale arrival Sistiana Visogliano
  2. Local bus line 44: Sistiana stop. Trieste Transport Timetable
  3. Airport shuttle (suggested solution): direct and fast. All the info here.

Click on the map to download the printable version


We do not have a medical certificate form. Please refer to this FAQ for more info about medical certification. 

Buses can park on the old motorway access junction indicated on the map.
We suggest to ask the bus driver to drop you off at the train station, where the S1 shuttle stops.
In this area there is space for reversing the bus and returning to the parking area, about 500 meters back in the direction of the sea.
If this area is already full, it is possible to park in the bay, following the indications listed in the additional parking section.
bus parking corsa della bora Sistiana Trieste

We suggest 5 options, listed in order of proximity:

  1. Old highway entrance, about 300 meters from Bora Village https://goo.gl/maps/2cDHqNNhSAB2
  2. Visogliano train station, 300 meters from Bora Village https://goo.gl/maps/sAMjxkWucZx1a9Zk8
  3. Adventure Park, about 500 meters from Bora Village https://goo.gl/maps/GoZhsVS8YB52
  4. Harbour of Sistiana, about 1500 meters from Bora Village https://goo.gl/maps/qrw183CDwuw
  5. Only for runners of Ultra or Ipertrail: parking inside the Bora Village, you can request by sending an email

Remember to check the Race Guide well with the updated info and the map with traffic restrictions and additional parking

To have an ITRA performance index you must have participated in at least one ITRA-certified race.

The Corsa della Bora uses ITRA ranking for two reasons:

  • Suggest the start times of the S1 Ultra 164 and S1 Ipertrail
  • Organize the starting waves of S1 Half 21 km and S1 Trail 57 km.

If you do not provide an ITRA general performance index in your registration form, you will start with the last group.

Don’t worry, the time is calculated on the “real-time”: this means that the time is taken from when actually you pass the start line.

Are you already thinking of being smarter entering a higher score to start first?

Just know that we will check the “suspect” ITRA performance indexes, and check the leading group one by one.

Entering a false data, could create danger or inconvenience to other competitors and the jury could decide the disqualification. The runner with the incorrect score will inevitably be detached from the group and therefore immediately identifiable. So think two times before declaring a false performance index

If you have any doubts contact us at +39 040 411 341 or send us an email

Here is step by step how to know how many ITRA points you have.

Go on the site https://itra.run/

Search for YOUR name and surname

Copy YOUR score into the registration form of La Corsa della Bora, which is the data you read on the GENERAL line of the first column, New Performance Index (/ 1000)

Some quick notes on the other numbers and your performance index, this is the ITRA table to evaluate the performance level of the athletes. You can compare your data with the data in the table to understand your level of preparation:


Click on the table to read the detailed explanation from the ITRA website

When it comes to trail racing, there is something for everyone! For the purposes of ITRA, trail races are categorized according to their level of difficulty. This ranking considers the distance covered and the elevation gain. It operates based of a metric called “km-effort” for a given race. The km-effort is calculated by adding the distance (in kilometers) and the hundredth of the positive elevation gain (in meters). 

There are 7 categories of trail running races, from XXS to XXL races. Each race category corresponds to a number of km-effort and a number of ITRA points. The following classification is used to categorize the effort involved:(the explanation above is copied from the ITRA website)

Click on the table to read the detailed explanation from the ITRA website




Of course, when done, please send a copy of the transfer and the list of names and races to which the payment refers to at this e-mail enroll@s1trail.com, (The description of the wire transfer is often truncated)

Running on the trails of the S1 Half 21 km in a larger number would mean endanger the runners, lowering the safety conditions and ruin the experience for those who take part in it. The paths are narrow and there is little space.

We want to keep a beautiful and unique path, not to make many subscribers and to earn more because this race is not meant to make a profit. The bibs are limited, the medals are counted, the race packages are counted. We cannot in any way add competitors to this race, therefore, we ask you to be understanding and not to ask for exceptions because we are not physically able to find other space.

If registrations are closed, it means that S1 Half 21 km has now reached the maximum number of runners. Next year we suggest you register at the latest in late September, if you can’t participate then you can sell the bib to a friend.
The request is always high.

You can still sign up for the 57 km, which has a 12-hour time limit and could be a beautiful trip at the beginning of the year. S1 Trail 57 is a race, but first of all, it’s a journey, the ideal opportunity to reduce speed and try a long distance.

Alternatively, but not least, the new and beautiful 16 km along the Rilke Trail, the mouths of the Timavo and Mount Ermada. A 16 km with physical effort very similar to that of the 21 as the difference in height is higher and the paths are equally beautiful, indeed, the passage on the Rilke path makes it even more impressive. Don’t be fooled into getting yourself done that is “non-competitive”. For non-competitive we mean that there is no awarding of the podium and no medical certificate is required, but the race services are identical to those of 21 and 57.

We offer a wide range of times and options for collecting bibs and delivering bags and those indicated are all those that it is physically possible to allow. It is not possible to drop off the bags or collect the material at times other than those indicated.

Behind the organization of the race, there is a complex logistics structure that requires very precise timing.

In particular for Ipertrail & Ultra. The times are those indicated and differ from those of the other races as it is necessary to supply particular equipment, operate controls on the localization devices and require an even more complex logistics.

Presenting yourself at a different time than the one indicated will be only wasted time, as the staff is not authorized to operate any type of exception.


Booking the race goodie bag at the shops and hotels makes sense to avoid coming to Bora Village and then skipping the queues. It also makes sense for those with little time and want to arrive, run and “run away”.

Races like S1 Ultra and S1 Ipertrail require the drop off of a complete bag for the Life Base or the Box. In addition, the delivery of a GPS tracker and the withdrawal of the deposit is foreseen. All operations must necessarily be carried out before the race and following the times indicated in the program. Schedules are established for logistic requirements and are not subject, in any way, to exceptions.

For Ipertrail and Ultra it is, therefore, necessary to go to Bora Village at the times indicated in the program, carry out the registration procedures, test the GPS tracker, bail and deposit bags.

The race time of each competitor is calculated on the microchip he wears on the bib. The time in the standings is “real-time”, ie the real-time that the competitor takes to travel the space between the starting line and the finish.

Timing is done with very high-quality decoders and antennas and on the same platform also used for the London Marathon. The times are therefore extremely accurate.

The starting groups are assigned based on the athlete’s performance level, so it makes no sense to ask for changes because you have been placed in a homogeneous group with respect to your level. Leaving earlier involves disqualification.

If you believe there is a clear mistake in the assignment of the wave, send us an email with the supporting documentation. This documentation will be examined only if the registration was made after the term in which we requested and announced the waves and therefore the assignment was made independently by us. Basically, we requested your performance index with 3 emails. If you ignored them we will not make changes, if you signed up later and there is a valid reason, we will provide for a physical replacement of the bib and consequent movement of the wave.

The waves have been created to improve everyone’s time, avoid lines and increase the comfort level. The suggestion therefore is to start at the head of your wave, or in the queue, in order to wait as much as possible behind the star and make the race shell and it is easier to overcome (if you want to overcome).

Per chi completa la 80 entro un orario che consenta di partecipare alla 42 o alla 26 km c’è anche la possibilità di fare un challenge unendo 80 + 42 o 80 +16 e quindi essere in classifica su una gara da 96 km o da 120 km.

2021 will be a particular year: the first weekend of January will be very close to 31/12 and the second or third weekend has been voted by most of the participants of the 2020 edition as an unwelcome date for the 2021 event. This makes a lot of sense: once the holidays are over and the Epiphany is over, and another break from work does not make sense.

This means that the only available day for the Corsa della Bora is January 3, this will ask us to work also on 31/12.
The 164 km race would oblige competitors to start the early morning of January 1 or 31/12 and we would also mean for us to work on the dates when many suppliers closed. This discouraged both us, and many runners to go for this option.

We, therefore, opted for an 80 km winter night trail, which will allow competitors to leave from home on the 2nd morning and have the race start on the evening of the 2nd.

For those who complete the 80 within a time that allows them to participate in the 42 or 16 km there is also the possibility of making a challenge by combining 80 + 42 or 80 +16 and therefore being in the results on a 96 km or 120 race km.

If you select the option to participate in the 80 +42 but it should happen that you do not have time to show up at the start of the 42 km, we will still give you the opportunity to run the 16 km, taking home a 96 km.

Find the option in the registration form and see more about the challenge in the rules

We recommend approaching the relay exchange with this procedure:

  1. Competitor 1 takes the shuttle to the start of the 57 km
  2. Competitor 2 moves with his car to the relay exchange point
  3. Competitor 2 gives the change and the keys of the vehicle to competitor 1 who goes to the finish with the vehicle
  4. Competitor 2 and Competitor 1 meet at the finish.

We recommend this system as, due to health safety regulations, waiting spaces will be reduced and this system reduces waiting times for shuttles to zero.


Relay exchange point (Google Maps) 


Parking for the relay exchange

  1. Very close, 80 meters
  2. Close, 200 meters of trail, 700 meters of road


Start 57 km (served by pre-race shuttle)



The management of registrations has a cost, both in terms of bank commissions, and in terms of materials and accounting and administrative work behind it. Apart from this aspect, we ask for a symbolic contribution for these operations also for a double check requirement: the payment of a small amount, in the case of the bib transfer, that both parties have completed a profile, entering the necessary data, and have proved their identity.

This is to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, and worse still, unacceptable manouvers of identity dissimulation.

The price of the registration varies according to the moment when you decide to register and the number of persons enrolled at that time

  • To know the price at the moment of your decision to visit the page www.s1trail.com/en/registrations  and look for the desired race.
  • To find out HOW  the price changes you can read the Race Rules  at the bottom of the page  click here

To follow or follow passages:

  1. Type in your browser https://www.s1trail.com
  2. Look at the navigation menu at the top of the list, near the flag  if you see see  “YOUR REGISTRATIONS” click and select “LOGOUT”
  3. Now is gone “YOUR REGISTRATIONS”
  5. Select the race with which you want to participate
  7. If you are already registered click on “CLICK HERE TO LOGIN” and press “LOGIN”.
    1. You are not registered got to point 8.
  8. if you have a coupon add it by “CLICK HERE TO ENTER YOUR CODE” and press “APPLY”
  9. If some info is missing, add it.
  10. Select the payment method
  11. Press  “PLACE ORDER”
  12. You just paid your registration, but it is not complete. You must also complete your profile going to YOUR REGISTRATION – YOUR PROFILE – RUNNER PROFILE and complete the missing mandatory data and your preferences (race goodie bag, shuttle, food, bib collection booking, and much more). Press UPDATE at the bottom of the page when the changes are complete.


  1. The system is configured to consent 1 race per person, this is to avoid duplicated and double payments.
  2. If you want to enroll more people with the same email (example: husband and wife) we can enable multiple accounts with the same email.  Write us and request this feature, tell us the e-mail, how many, and name of the persons associated with that mail.
  3. You can change the payment method in “Your profile” – “Registrations” – “Payment”
  4. If you are at point 3 and the payment does not work, it is because too many attempts and/or changes have been made, or for other reasons, the system goes into protection mode and does not allow you to pay. Write to us and we will unlock this feature.

Here’s how to sign up for the relay.

This process must be done separately by each team member

  1. Go to the Registration section and select “Relay”

  2. If you run the first part and you need to select “Shuttle” – To better understand how the change takes place read this FAQ < / a>

  3. Once you have selected the options, fill in your details or log in, select the payment method and complete the registration.

  4. Upon receipt of the confirmation, at the top right, next to “registrations”, the wording “your registration” appears

  5. Select Runner Profile

  6. Then select Relay: Yes,  Team name: “your team name” the team members must enter the same team name

  7. Fill in the other missing data and save


Per trasferire il pettorale ad un’altra persona è necessario seguire la procedura online.
Tale procedura deve essere completata da entrambe le persone, sia chi cede che ci da il pettorale e il profilo di chi riceve il pettorale deve essere completo in ogni suo dato obbligatorio, pena la non validità della procedura. 

To transfer the bib to another person, it is necessary to follow the online procedure.

This procedure must be completed by both runners: the person who gives the bib and the profile of the recipient of the bib must be complete its mandatory data, under penalty of invalidation of the procedure.

  1. If “YOUR REGISTRATION” appears at the top right of the Menu, select “LOGOUT”

  2. Then go to https://www.s1trail.com/en/servizi-extra/

  3. Select Transfer to another person

  4. Continue

  5. On the payment page, enter the other person’s name in the Notes field

  6. If you are the one who receives the bib, once you have got the payment confirmation, at the top right click on YOUR PROFILE and then on RUNNER PROFILE complete all the fields with an asterisk and SAVE with the button at the bottom of the page. If you do not complete step 6 the procedure is invalid

The management of registrations has a cost, both in terms of bank commissions, and in terms of materials and accounting and administrative work behind it. Apart from this aspect, we ask for a symbolic contribution for these operations also for a double check requirement: the payment of a small amount, in the case of the bib transfer, that both parties have completed a profile, entering the necessary data, and have proved their identity.

This is to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings, and worse still, unacceptable manouvers of identity dissimulation.

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The change of distance is subject to the availability of BIBS in the desired race. So always make sure that registrations for that race are open.

In case of health problems, even if not documented by a medical certificate, but real, it is possible to ask or a downgrade even at the last moment, but always following the indicated procedure.

1. If you see “YOUR REGISTRATION” at the top right, select “LOGOUT”

2. From here select Extra Services

3 – Select “Race Change”

4 – Enter the amount to pay: if the race you are interested in costs 65 euros and you paid 29 then you will enter 65-29 = 36 to which you will add 1.1 euros of commission.

Always use this formula: (current cost of the desired race) – (amount paid) + (commission 1.1 euro)

If it is a downgrade enter only 1.1 euros

5 – Enter the name of the desired race in the notes field

Then access your profile, and if necessary, add the missing data, select the payment method and confirm.

6- You will immediately receive an email confirming the purchase of the option, after 24-36 you will receive an email confirming the change.

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