Few bibs left and new enrollment platform!

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Choose your race goodie bag


Extended, since we were offline for a couple days, until 17/10 for everyone who paid, the possibility to choose the race goodie bag!

Access your profile from the MY PROFILE section and select the desired race goodie bag. After 17/10 it will no longer be possible to choose it and you will get the standard one.


Your runner profile

We have listened to your requests and tried to simplify the registration procedure and the choices to personalize of your race as much as possible, by developing a new platform. We have imported here your existing registrations.

Lots of news and all to simplify your experience!

You can change the payment method, you can register multiple users with the same email while maintaining separate profiles, add race options, choose the race goodie bag and the departure points of the shuttles and much more. Your runner profile


Are any BIBS Left?

On the 21 km and 57 the runners are already a lot and the prices are going towards the highest slot, so hurry up to get a convenient price. The 21 km race is near to reach the 35 euro price instead of the actual 29 euro!

On the 80 km we asked the authorities for an increase of participants, given that we are 130 enrolled runners compared to the expected 100. We are working to ensure the safety of a total of 150 people on that race. So the bibs are very few.

For the 42 too, we have to hurry up and soon we will reveal some great news!

Anche per la 42 c’è da affrettarsi e presto vi sveleremo una grande novità! [vc_empty_space]

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COVID-19: Updates

Our work continues to ensure maximum sanitary safety . The anti-COVID 19 safety plan of the Corsa della Bora has been approved by the local authorities and the organization is proceeding smoothly to ensure safety and a good racing experience. Regarding to this point, your collaboration will be fundamental, and from November we will go into the details of all the new procedures.

Up to today, there are about 1000 runners, and our event has been authorized for 2100 competitors (appropriately separated and with different starting points). We do not know if as the situation evolves this number will be confirmed or we will be forced to close the registrations at a lower number. In any case, we will do our best to guarantee the possibility to run to all the registered runners [vc_empty_space][vc_column_text]

See you at….

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