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Here is a list of frequently asked questions … if you have any doubts you can comment below. We will get back to you shortly

For 21, 32, 42, 57 km races

These are in-line races, that is, they start from a point other than the finish point.

You can decide to stay indifferently in the start area, in the finish area (Bora Village, Sistiana) or in Trieste Center.

You can request the race goodie bag directly in the room of your hotel, apartment, hostel or B&B if you book in a partner structure.

  • There morning of the race there are shuttles both from Trieste Central Station and from Bora Village (finish of all races) that lead to the departures. Reservation is mandatory. The cost of the shuttle is 3 euros.
  • The afternoon there are free shuttles without reservations that return approximately every two hours until 7pm to Trieste Central Station

If you plan to arrive shortly before the time limit, we recommend that you stay in the finish area.

For 16, 80, 164 km & Ipertrail races

These are in-line races, with the exception of the 16 km race which starts and ends in Bora Village.

We recommend staying in the finish area, near the Bora Village, as the return shuttle service to Trieste is active in the afternoon and therefore not available for athletes who arrive already in the night or in the morning.

For those traveling with friends or family Trieste can also be a good solution, but in this case it is good to rely on transport from the arrival to the city.

An early start is an act of "spirit of trail", a courtesy we do by further extending the race time.

This system is widely used in races in Northern Europe or those with sensitive safety components.

At the Corsa della Bora we have race times that allow everyone to participate with standard timetables, being very long in themselves. We add to that an extra start.

Well understood, it is an extra service and a huge organizational effort. An added courtesy.

  • No shuttles are provided for these start times, unless explicitly stated.
  • The time is taken on the chip and therefore in the ranking, you go with the race real-time .
  • Early starts are subject to entrance/minimum time barriers, meaning they are subject to a speed limit. Please refer to the time barriers section of your race and to the race guide.


We will apply the same conditions as in 2021: we will provide you with travel documents and permits that will allow you to enter from any EU country.

We did this in January 2021 and had competitors from CH, FR, DE, SL, HR, GB as well as about 1000 competitors from all over Italy. This is on orange alert.

In case, even with these documents, you decide not to come - and you are resident in non-Italian territory - because of covid, you will have the possibility to move your entry to any other S1 race.
Please also see our covid management policy.

In addition to this "special case," see the standard rules for cancellation and referral.

Or the full rules page.

If you have any doubts, write or call us!

Certainly, the connection is perfect and very convenient thanks to the airport shuttle.

Select the desired date and time and view the times.

On the day of the race there will also be free buses every hour in the afternoon from Sistiana to Trieste.

These times are not the race shuttles. It is public transportation. Open to all and with separate ticket.

For race shuttles and their schedules please refer to your runner profile.

Timetable for 9 January 2022 (race)

Timetable for 7-8 January 2022 (bib collection)

In 2020, after 7 years and about 12000 competitors registered, we realized (better late than never) that the dissatisfied competitors or those who have broken the rules, found themselves in difficulty, or complained of not having the correct information, are 95% competitors registered by friends or relatives.

Signing up for a race is like running a race. Something you have to do yourself.

This is for two simple reasons:

  1. The information we send must be received by those who run and often the friend or relatives does not have the time, the desire to make sure that then also the subsequent information or updates are transmitted to those who run. Result? The friend/relative entered does not have the vital information and then problems arise in the race.
  2. Those who sign up must accept the terms, the rules and fill out the disclaimer. Which must necessarily be done by the runner. How can you run a race without reading the rules? Can you take responsibility for your friend or relative? - This is something with dangerous legal and safety implications for you, your friend, and us. Attention then, that in the rules we specify clearly that those who have not completed the registration by accepting the terms and reading the rules are liable to cancellation or disqualification.

I understand, but my friend or relative is not able to sign up, I simply want to pay for him or I am part of a large group.

Don't worry about it. We have several solutions to solve this problem and ensure the security and correctness of the registrations.

  1. entry pass: If you want to pay for another person or you are a large group you can request an entry pass. You will receive a code that can be prepaid if you want to give a gift or postpaid for sports clubs or groups. By entering the code the entry will be paid and valid. In the case of groups or sports clubs or groups of friends, we will send a list of runners with the group code and you can make a single payment. Entries not paid or approved by the group leader will then be removed. Entry passes can be purchased online by requesting them via email or in cash at S1 points.
  2. I'll help my friend or relative to register: If your friend or relative is not able and you want to help him/her, no problem, but make sure to register in his/her presence, read all the rules together and fill in the disclaimer together. It's also crucial that you enter your tax code (if asked by the system) and e-mail address in the billing information. The system automatically recognizes who has signed up via cookies, so when you do this open the anonymous browsing window so that your details are not saved, or use a different browser. If you don't do this, the system will prevent you from continuing.
  3. We assist your friend or relative: We gladly give assistance via email, WhatsApp and phone. This is an additional cost and burden to us, but safety and proper information are paramount. You can write us via e-mail, contact us by phone at 040 411341 or via Whatsapp at +39 392 1330566.

We care deeply about respecting competitor's personal information, and as stated in the 2020 Privacy Policy,we ensure the security and integrity of your information to the highest level of care.

We do not retain your details after the race, except for those relating to vouchers or deferred entries, and those required by ITRA and classified as public, which are also accessible in SuperCalssificaS1 .

All your personal information about the past edition is in an offline archive that will be overwritten once the next edition takes place.

It is possible to sign up by one social security code or email per event, so, to sign up multiple people you need to create multiple profiles.

So, to access the website It will then be necessary for you to register as a new user .

Updates 2022:

  • From the 2022 edition will be given the option to keep, for convenience, a history of registrations made only for profiles complete and correct in all data, and accessible only to the competitor
  • From the 2022 edition in the "my account" section in the "Liability Disclaimer" section, you can already decide whether or not to have your name appear in the public list of runners.

You can examine in detail the mode and type of processing of your data:

Privacy PolicyCookie Policy

Aggiornamento al 30/11/2021

Our organization has always emphatized its will do, while putting the safety and well-being of the competitor first.

The regulatory situation for managing an event like the Corsa della Bora is quite complex.

According to the AICS protocols for athletes would not require the Green Pass, for those FIDAL would be.

For non-competitive events it would not be required, for trespassing in cross-border races the situation is even more complicated.

To this we add indoor refreshments, shower and loker room management, and overnight race accommodation in shared spaces for the long distance race.

This varied situation would, as a matter of fact, allow us to create competitions for every "need". .

The question to ask is not what opportunities we might take right now.

The only question is what is safer and more ethical to competitors.

The basis of sport and competition is to give everyone the same conditions, without creating differences in treatment, without disadvantaging or benefiting anyone.

A non-competitive event, up to today, even with the Super Green Pass Law, allows participation without a Green Pass and no negative swab. But the refreshments, services and spaces that these athletes will occupy, will be the same as those of the athletes who have provided more guarantees. This would be unethical and would not guarantee the same safety conditions for all athletes.

With this in mind, the race committee decided the following:

  • To participate in the event will be required for all, including for the non-competitive events, to have: double vaccination, or negative swab within 48 hours of the race (done and certified by a doctor), or recovery from COVID in the last 6 months.
  • Those wishing to collect their bib at any point or by any method prior to 48 hours from the start of the race, they must upload a certificateod double vaccination on the site certifying double dose or recovery, valid on the day of the race.
  • All athletes will be required to fill out a waiver attesting to the absence of symptoms or contact with infected persons in the hours and days leading up to the competition.
  • For athletes, access to refreshments during the race, post-race refreshments on the finish line, access to shuttles and transport, locker rooms or showers, the same requirements apply as for participation in the race
  • A double vaccination or proof of recovery will be required for post-race SEATED food consumption, or for visitors to access the event . Green pass reinforced.
  • No exceptions will be allowed.
  • The updated release form and the GreenPass upload form (for those willing to collect the bib earlier) will be available on the website, from the runner profile, starting from December 8th.

Situation before 05 December 2021

ASD SentieroUNO was the first organization organize a running event with over 1000 participants in covid era orange alert zone.

This has been possible thanks to a work of planning, study and authorization process that started during the lockdown of March 2020 and ended with the January 2021 edition of the Corsa della Bora.

A very strict protocol, a long training phase for volunteers, and a continuous process of information to competitors have been the prerogative of the 2021 edition.

The result was to ensure an event with maximum safety both in terms of health and on the race course, which saw zero hospitalisations and only 22 withdrawals out of 1044 competitors.

Choosing a race at this time means not only "hoping" that it won't be cancelled, but also trusting the seriousness of the organization.

We can't guarantee that covid won't be there, but we can guarantee that:

  • We are prepared to hold the race even in orange alertlevel conditions.
  • We have solutions to ensure the participation of foreign athletes.
  • We are committed to constanttelephone and emailsupport, always providing updated and detailed information. We will never deny you an answer. To be always present for us is a priority.
  • We have alternative routes in case the cross border solution cannot be realized.
  • We can guarantee you services that are often not given not because they can't be given but because they require higher costs, such as:
    • Refreshments with "real food", packaged with the utmost safety but not the classic bar or packaged snack
    • Shower facilities, cloakroom and hot food on long runs.
    • We are committed to working more, not less, not using covid as an excuse to offer less at a higher price.
  • If this is not enough we offer you a protection and refund policywhich allows you to have indemnities of up to 120% of the value of your membership or transfer on all S1 events.

In the spring of 2020, when everyone was preparing for a covid-free summer and fall races like it was nothing, we started working on a winter edition in the highest alert zone and in the middle of the third wave.

In January 2021, while hoping for a rapid solution to this situation, we have begun to apply a new management protocol that will allow us to deal with this emergency in the utmost safety and comfort, ready, despite ourselves, to experience it as a new normality.

At the end of the 2021 edition of the Corsa della Bora we also donated 500 rapid swabs tests to the primary schools of Trieste, because the race is also solidarity and participation.

We cannot predict whether the state of emergency will be extended after 31/12, nor whether the containment measures will be in place at the time of the race. But what we do know is that we are prepared for the various eventualities.

We do not know if at the time of the race the Green Pass will be mandatory.
The green passport will be requested if the Italian regulations require it.
For the Ecomarathon the FIDAL protocols apply, for the other races the AICS protocols apply.

In our Alpe Adria Ultra Trail event in August this was not required. As per regulations.

Valid for:

  • Postponements
  • Change distance
  • Transfer to a third person

Please note:

Read articles 7 and 31 of the rules for transfer and postponement conditions.


  • Please request the enrollment transfer, distance change, postponement (if you are eligible) by replying to the confirmation email of registration. You will get a code and your registration will be disabled.
  • Register to the new distance or tell the person receiving the BIB to register to the new distance by selecting "Transfer" as the payment method and entering the code received.
  • Done!

You don't need to upload it unless you are an Italian citizen.

In fact, if you do not live in Italy, the word NOT REQUIRED will appear on your profile. This is because it would be impossible for us to translate certificates from all languages and verify their validity.

In the Liability Disclaimer, you will be asked to declare that a sports doctor has considered you suitable for high-intensity cardiovascular activity.

This Liability Disclaimer will be made available online in your profile from December, after the latest legal updates

For the non-competitive runs, no certificate is required.


Of course! We have prices for groups!

How? It's so easy!

  1. Sign up by selecting the race
  2. Select "group" as payment
  3. Enter the name of the group
  4. Press pay
  5. Your registration will be saved as "pending" waiting to update the price when the group is completely formed.

When you have all signed up tell your group leader to confirm the list by writing to an email and we will update the price and send you the payment link if you want to pay individually.

Payment: each one for itself or cumulative, without commissions or additional costs. You can pay by cash in S1 Point, credit card, bank transfer or PayPal.


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