Friuli-Venezia-Giulia orange zone. Swabs coming?

We had foreseen this unfortunate eventuality and we have various solutions under consideration for the upcoming January.

To be precise, at this time there are 4 different operational plans that see 5 different scenarios. There is no point in confusing and offering you all the variants.

It would be easier and undo everything, but the S1 spirit is not to walk the simplest paths, but the most beautiful

Premise: When do you cancel a race?

  • When the authorities do not allow it to take place
  • Where the organizer cannot guarantee compliance with the provisions in force and/or the safety of competitors.

There are no other reasons.

It would be easier to cancel the race but the S1 spirit is not to walk the simplest paths, but the most beautiful

You may not know, but we are always in these conditions, every year: cross-border permits, bad weather, roads, the capacity of the facilities, support from sponsors.

The problem is that even many “organizers” didn’t know it and so plan B was just canceling.

Those who organize an event are always at risk and know how to manage as many scenarios as possible.

And we will never say, “we cancel out for a sense of responsibility” at a time when we are being given the tools to do the event, that is, after the approval and implementation of security protocols.

  • The indications given by the authorities serve precisely to ensure the safety of the event
  • Following the law and the prescriptions are the most responsable thing we can do.
  • We understand those who do not feel able to do so because they do not want to place a heavy burden on themselves, but it is unfair that these people treat as irresponsible, those who act in the maximum of responsibility.

It follows that until legal conditions are defined for which the race cannot be done, or when our organization will not be able to meet the safety requirements, for us the race will take place.

At that point, if it could not be done, we will say: ‘let us cancel because we are not or are not in a position to do the event’.

With the serenity of those who did everything possible. The same serenity with which, participating in a race, a runner might drop the race after giving his best.

Having a sense of responsibility also means working, engaging, and giving your best. Don’t discredit your neighbor.

Sportsmen know that.

From today to December 3rd there are no conditions for the Corsa della Bora to be held, but the Corsa della Bora is held in January. Not in November.

Some previews:

  • Next update on December 3rd, in which we should know the evolution until December 15th or until the date of the race
  • We are dealing with the purchase of 2000 quick swabs for competitors, in the event that the conditions are the same as those provided for in the Post DPCM of 3/11 and before the travel restrictions in place during this period. The only thing that is wrong at the moment is the disspnibility of the product on time.
  • Cancelling or moving race. My positions were clearly expressed on 19 March last, when cicadas thought that COVID was a memory in June. You can read this article. It follows that the Corsa della Bora will be held on 2-3 January, or 9-10 January, or 16-17 January, or 23-24 January. If none of the dates listed could be done, the event will be postponed to 2022 byapplying Article 31.
  • We are preparing, a hospitality package with solutions for all tastes and pockets that provide for the same conditions of protection of theArticle 31,so those who register will have full guarantee of not only a race with safety and protection protocols in case of cancellation, but also those same protections on the hotel. Long story short , for those who register from 3 to 23 December, there will be total coverage on races + hotels
  • If it is not possible to run at night we have an alternative plan for the 80 km that provides for departure at 6.00

There is much more to add at the moment it is better not to make too many assumptions and to think pragmatically and calmly about what is known for sure.

And, please, don’t write or call saying: ” but will the race be done?” – for those answers there is the Facebook page of the Divine Otelma

I, like the whole team, are putting body and soul and doing everything humanly possible to hold the event, in absolute respect of the law and in maximum safety for those who work and participate in it.

Tommaso de Mottoni

Race Director – La Corsa della Bora

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