I want to signup someone else up!

In 2020, after 7 years and about 12000 competitors registered, we realized (better late than never) that the dissatisfied competitors or those who have broken the rules, found themselves in difficulty, or complained of not having the correct information, are 95% competitors registered by friends or relatives.

Signing up for a race is like running a race. Something you have to do yourself.

This is for two simple reasons:

  1. The information we send must be received by those who run and often the friend or relatives does not have the time, the desire to make sure that then also the subsequent information or updates are transmitted to those who run. Result? The friend/relative entered does not have the vital information and then problems arise in the race.
  2. Those who sign up must accept the terms, the rules and fill out the disclaimer. Which must necessarily be done by the runner. How can you run a race without reading the rules? Can you take responsibility for your friend or relative? – This is something with dangerous legal and safety implications for you, your friend, and us. Attention then, that in the rules we specify clearly that those who have not completed the registration by accepting the terms and reading the rules are liable to cancellation or disqualification.

I understand, but my friend or relative is not able to sign up, I simply want to pay for him or I am part of a large group.

Don’t worry about it. We have several solutions to solve this problem and ensure the security and correctness of the registrations.

  1. entry pass: If you want to pay for another person or you are a large group you can request an entry pass. You will receive a code that can be prepaid if you want to give a gift or postpaid for sports clubs or groups. By entering the code the entry will be paid and valid. In the case of groups or sports clubs or groups of friends, we will send a list of runners with the group code and you can make a single payment. Entries not paid or approved by the group leader will then be removed. Entry passes can be purchased online by requesting them via email or in cash at S1 points.
  2. I’ll help my friend or relative to register: If your friend or relative is not able and you want to help him/her, no problem, but make sure to register in his/her presence, read all the rules together and fill in the disclaimer together. It’s also crucial that you enter your tax code (if asked by the system) and e-mail address in the billing information. The system automatically recognizes who has signed up via cookies, so when you do this open the anonymous browsing window so that your details are not saved, or use a different browser. If you don’t do this, the system will prevent you from continuing.
  3. We assist your friend or relative: We gladly give assistance via email, WhatsApp and phone. This is an additional cost and burden to us, but safety and proper information are paramount. You can write us via e-mail, contact us by phone at 040 411341 or via Whatsapp at +39 392 1330566.


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