⛰️🏃‍♂️📓🔍Roadbook 2020: Your race inch by inch!

Discover every inch of your race route through our roadbook. In addition to reading the information online, you will find informative banners at each refreshment point, with all the information on the section that you will have to face. Each poster has a QR code to display the same info on your smartphone. Get to know the race track to better enjoy the trails on January 5th.


Did you book the shuttle for 21 and 57 km races?

The shuttle is free but must be booked from your wedosport profile by 31/12. Not via email. If you don’t book, don’t get on board.

Where is your race goodie bag?

Check the list of enrolled runners and where your race goodie bag and number are. If you need information on S1 Points opening times, contact the point directly.

If you have selected a HOTEL, you can now select the agreed HOTEL from your wedosport registration page. Remember to do it by 27/12.

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