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Ljubljanski Grad, Ljubljana --> Bora Village, Sistiana
Start: (02-03-04-05-06).01.2024 h 8.00
Special Start: -
164 km, 6630 D+
€ 150 (SELF)
60 h
ITRA/UTMB: Si, 6 points - UTMB INDEX 100K

31/08 - € 150 (SELF)
01/11 - € 170 (SELF)
01/12 - € 190 (SELF)

Stage 1: 45 km - 2200 D+
Stage 2: 35 km - 1700 D+
Stage 3: 24 km - 940 D+
Stage 4: 36 km - 1190 D+
Stage 5: 34 km - 600 D+
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Point 11/2 Stage/Tappa

1/2 Stage6 hours of race
Finish12 hours of race




Da / FromA / ToTime
Bora VillageStart1h30 before start time
Da / FromA / ToTime
FinishBora Villageh 20.00
  • Food and water you will need to run 20 km
  • Trousers and long-sleeved shirt, or a combination that, in case of need, covers the entire arms and legs.
  • Thermal blanket (emergency isothermal sheet)
  • Personal cup
  • Head-torch + extra batteries
  • Gloves, hat and waterproof padded jacket, long padded and waterproof trousers
  • Mobile phone + power bank
  • Sleeping bag and necessary for the night (only full, carried by the organization, max volume 60 L)
Mappa generale
Profilo Altimetrico
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2-6 January 2024

Stage Race - GPS or Map Navigation

Ipertrail24 is a race, a long hike, or better, a  journey through history and time.

Ipertrail24 is also a timed race, UTMB Index qualifier and ITRA certified which can also be experienced as a hike, walking at a minimum average speed of 4 km/h, and easily navigated with GPS or with an optional hiking map provided by the organization.

Ipertrail will let you follow the traces of the Romans, the merchants and the peoples who chose this route from the Ports of Trieste and Venice to reach the countries of continental Europe. A route without technical sections, very suitable for both running and walking.

Start from Ljubljana Castle, finish on the Duino Cliffs, by the sea passing by Duino Castle. You can decide whether to cover 40, 80, 100, 144 or 166 km in one or all five stages.

At the end of the stage, access for friends and companions will always be allowed and possible.

A statistical stage ranking will be drawn up as a single race, valid for ITRA and UTMB purposes and for those who complete all the stages, a stage race ranking, also valid for ITRA and UTMB purposes.

Three participation options:

1) Ipertrail24 FULL: Registration for 5 stages, breakfast, race, dinner, accommodation in hut, and transfers included.

2) Ipertrail24 SELF: Registration only for 5 stages with access to the refreshment area of each stage. Other services on request.

3) Ipertrail STARTER: Registration for a single stage. Other services on request.

The Sage Dragon

Ljubljana – Vhrnika
Date: Tuesday 2nd January 2024. Start at 8.00

Starting Ljubljana Castle and walking through the beautiful urban parks until you leave the capital. Then take a path along the hills that border the Ljubljanica River up to the medieval town of Vrhnika, the last effort before the end of the stage, the climb up to “Koča Planina nad Vrhniko” where it will be possible to stay overnight and have dinner before the next section. The finisher of this stage will be able to obtain the Dragon medal: a symbol of courage and power

The Bear of the Forests

Vhrnika – Javornik
Date: Wednesday 3 January 2024. Start at 8.00

Before leaving, you should make a little effort and climb the observation tower next to the hut: from here you can overlook the whole valley, with the snow-capped mountains behind you. A breathtaking view. Start at 8 for a stage that will cross the virgin and millenary forests of Slovenia, woods full of poetry and life, even in winter. Don’t be afraid, you won’t meet the bear: the bear rests during the day! From Vrhnika you cross forests and hills on the paths of pilgrims and hunters, occasionally crossing an ancient village. Last sprint towards Mount Javornik, the most remote and furthest point from the sea of the race, where a warm meal will welcome the runners before a well-deserved rest at the “Planinska koča na Javorniku” refuge. The bear medal, a symbol of strength, will reward your efforts.

Mount Nanos. The King of the valley.

Javornik – Nanos
Date: Thursday 4 January 2024. Start at 8.00

It won’t be a very difficult stage, but it is certainly the wildest and most remote one. In the woods between Mount Javornik and Mount Nanos, up to its peak. You will sleep in the brand new and beautiful mountain hut “Vojkova koča na Nanosu”. We thought of a shorter stage to give you time to gather your strength before the final sprint.

The most is done! All the runners, also the hikers, will finish with the daylight and enjoy one of the most beautiful sunsets that can be seen at the top of Mount Nanos, after having earned the Salamander medal, symbol of resistance. Sleeping on the summit of Mount Nanos is an experience between heaven and earth.

The Karst fox

Nanos – Volčji Grad

Date: Friday 5 January 2024. Start at 8.00

Rested after a night’s rest at the highest point of the race, we start again with a good 1200 meters of descent along a wonderful path that already shows the arrival on the sea. From here you reach the lowest point of the valley, in the Vipava Valley and then climb up the hills planted with vineyards. The route runs with gentle ups and downs and a fast and runnable trails and sections of small roads, but always of unique beauty. Arrival at the Volčji Grad refreshment point, last night not in a hut but in the house of the village association. A “Karsic welcome” and a restful night will prepare you for the last effort before the finish line by the sea. Here you will earn the medal of the Fox: symbol of the ability to adapt and flexibility. A party will be organized for all the competitors with local music and entertainment. Access will also be allowed to friends and companions. Call your friends enrolled in Saturday’s race, they will also be able to join the party. Indeed, Volčji Grad is 20 minutes by car from the finish line!

It is glorious to be here.

Volčji Grad – Sistiana
Date: Saturday 6 January 2024. Start at 10.00

About 5 km and you pass the border. Welcome to Italy, from here we proceed towards Mount Ermada and the trenches of the First World War, up to the mouth of the Timavo River and a cave, temple of the Roman god Mithras. You can already see the sea and the Castle of Duino, a few steps from the arrival on the beach. And it is precisely that in these last kilometers, on the beautiful cliffs of the Rilke Path, the poet Reiner Maria Rilke composed his Elegies, from which the claim of our Competition was born, “It is glorious to be here”. And this year, crossing the finish line you will get the medal with this sentence, in German, as he wrote it:  With the famous medal, this year with the phrase in German: “Hiersein ist herrlich!”

Attention: distances and ascents may undergo small variations, in the maximum order of 15%. The definitive tracks and values will be communicated before the race.


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