La Corsa della Bora: final routes 2022

Here we are!

The courses are final and certified.

The Corsa della Bora this year will be unique, as always in maximum safety, but also without exasperating the aspects that are creating division and confusion in this period. For us, safety and compliance are essential. Without weighing it down, but also without taking it lightly.

Already in Tarvisio, for Alpe Adria Ultra, we opened changing rooms and showers. It can be done, and we have done it.

If this will be possibile, we will also do the same at the Corsa della Bora. The Vaccination Certificate will be required only if mandatory and only in the areas where it is mandatory. We will apply, as always, the law, with the maximum attention and guarantee of maximum protection for those who run.
Now that we have said everything about COVID, we can talk about the race.
Here are the major changes for 2022:

The enrollments fees have no time limits, and on many distances, the minimum price is already sold out. We are now at a medium price, however affordable. Below are the prices of the individual races at the discounted rate We are now at a medium price, however affordable.

PriceRaceAvailable placesNew price
€ 29 S1 Half 12€ 32 -> 36
€ 28S1 Urban 13€ 36
€ 42Ecomarathon72€ 51
€ 57Trail 57 km13€ 70
€ 80Night 80 km 24€ 95
€ 1151/2 Ipertrail14€ 145
€ 260Ipertrail14€ 290

S1 Half – 18 km

A suggestive finish line, which leads to the last kilometers on the rocky beach, in an arrival that is anything but obvious, which will require all the mental and physical commitment.

S1 Urban – 32 km

Profile Urban trail 32 k 2022 Trieste
The perfect synthesis of urban trail with wilderness!
Start from the central MOLO AUDACE in Piazza Unità d’Italia, at the water’s edge but with the snowy mountains behind you.
Four kilometres of running in an urban environment towards the seafront of Barcola, where you take the paths between the houses to get to the Obelisco of Opicina, where you meet the route of the 21 km

S1 Ecomarathon – 42.195 km

Urban Marathon Trieste 2022 Height Profile
First National race in the FIDAL calendar
The Trieste Marathon, with a route that wants to refer to the purest tradition of this classic distance, in the mileage, in the distribution of the ascent and in the type of terrain, but also following the idea of following a line between a city and a small town on the coast.

S1 Trail – 57 km

Height profile S1 Trail 57 km 2022
The 57 km returns to Slovenia! After the ascent to Mount Kokos we return to Slovenia. A new landscape, after the forest maintenance work, with an even more open view of the Gulf of Trieste and Koper.

A faster edition with less elevation gain than 2021 and completely focused on the scenery. The route is completely linear, tracing the profile of the Karst plateau.

S1 Night – 80 km

S1 Night Trail Altitude Profile
Night Trail completes and extends the race from 57 km. In 2022 we return to Slovenia!

A route that incorporates the most beautiful part of the 164 km race (held in odd-numbered years), passing by the top of Mount Slavnik at an altitude of 1000 meters, overlooking the sea. From here we return to the coast through carriageable fields and Crni Kal Castle to Socerb Castle.

A route between short but very intense climbs, fast sections interspersed with technical rocky sections, but always with a breathtaking view.

S1 Ipertrail (GPS)

The 2022 edition includes a single route with a start at Sella Neveaand ascent along the slopes of Mount Canin to the Sella Prevala, to then descend in Slovenia to Bovec.
Approximately 25 km on a path for it could have up to 3 meters of snow.
A section where the use of snowshoes is foreseen (provided at the start and then can be abandoned at the end of the heavily snow-covered section).

S1 1/2 Ipertrail (GPS)

The last 80 km of Ipertrail but always in GPS version and with the management similar to that of the boxes. A perfect test bench to test oneself with Ipertrail race strategies, but without facing the most demanding stretch from a technical point of view.

However, do not underestimate the ½ Ipertrail: it is true that the kilometers are half, it is true that the time to cover them is a lot … but it is equally true that GPS navigation will not be made simple and the paths chosen will be the most beautiful but also the most committed ones. of the Isonzo Karst.
So be careful not to confuse the ½ Ipertrail for an 80 km race. If you are looking for that there is the S1 Night Trail!


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