Let’s get ready!

You are really a lot and we slightly overstepped the maximum number of bibs available, despite our will, we had to reject abut 200 entry requests. We will try to make the START faster and more flowing, so the time that will be taken in “real time” that will not the moment when the race is started, but the moment when you will pass the start line. So do not worry if there will be overcrowding at the start. The system adopted will be the same as the road marathons.

Besides this, if your bib has an S1 stamp, it means that your ITRA score is high and you will be allowed to start in a dedicated grid. Also here the race timing will be a real-time, so who does not have the stamp will not be penalized.


Check the online list:

Registred competitors  8 – 21 – 57 km      Registred competitors S1 Ultra

Your bib number will be available for collection at the opening hours of the store you have selected.

If you have selected HOTEL you can change or make your choice until 31/12

If you have not selected HOTEL or S1 POINT your bib number will be available at Bora Village.

To book the bib number in the Hotel follow the directions here:

How can I get my goodie bag in Hotel ?