Remember the mandatory equipment!

The Mandatory equipment is not useless and is not a whim of the organizers. It is used to guarantee your safety on the route. Even if it is relatively hot, having a change or clothing to cover is vitally important in the event of an accident, where the body temperature drops abruptly.


On the way there are almost 300 volunteers and we have 4 ambulances, rescue boats and Italian and Slovenian Alpine Rescue to watch over the competitors. In the middle of winter, it takes only a few minutes to go to hypothermia, less time than the most careful and efficient rescue takes. Attention therefore to have enough to maintain the body temperature to acceptable levels even in case of stop.


We are doing all our best to guarantee your safety,  but also you have to do your part:
stay always on the marked route and take the mandatory equipment with you!



S1 Trail is a race in an environment that can be hostile with challenging and exposed stretches. The winter period and the geographical area make the meteorological conditions extremely variable and unpredictable, offering participants conditions that can vary from almost spring sunshine and dry soil, to gusty winds of 150 km / h, sub-zero temperatures and ice.


  • Headlight with batteries installed and charged. (Even those who expect to complete the race before it gets dark are required to have this material with them, because any unforeseen circumstances such as accidents, wrong route or other, could prolong the scheduled arrival time. We explicitly require to have a front lamp or emergency electric light other than the smartphone)
  • At least 350 ml of liquids.
  • Double thermal layer or thermal padded jacket (ie: long sleeves and windproof and windproof shell or padded rain and windproof jacket for those wearing under short sleeves)
  • Long trousers or a combination of shorts and leggings to cover the entire leg in case of need.
  • Thermal blanket (isothermal emergency sheet)
  • Emergency whistle
  • Gloves
  • Cap
  • Roadbook of the route (present behind the bib)
  • Mobile phone with registered organization numbers and always on.
  • Cup or container for drinking: there are no glasses for refreshments!
  • Only for S1 Ultra and Ipertrail: satellite locator provided by the organization always on.



For greater well-being, starting with the following material is recommended:
  • Long-sleeved shirt or extra-warm garment
  • Scarf, balaclava or windproof buff.
  • Folding poles
  • Ice crampons





There is the possibility of finding icy sections on all the race routes. The organization reserves the right to make the following items COMPULSORY to participate in the competition:

  • Racing crampons for the S1T, S1U, and S1I races
  • Ice tacks for S1H The Requirement of crampons or nails will be announced at the latest on the second weather report. A 10% probability is estimated.