NEWS DPCM 24/10/2020


The latest provisions of the law, aimed at containing the Coronavirus emergency, call us all to further increase the state of attention and the sense of responsibility to better cope with the pandemic in progress.

These months of preparation towards the next edition of the Corsa della Bora have been characterized by an intense study of the safety protocols and their implementation, keeping an eye on providing an enjoyable event in conditions of added safety. According to the legal provisions in force until 24/11, and if they persist until the date of the event, will result in the following organizational changes:

  • Cancellation of non-competitive events, such as Marcia della Bora, S1 Dog, Bora Bike, and non-competitive events.
  • Transformation of the S1 Sprint 16 km into a competitive event

The Corsa della Bora remains confirmed for competitive distances of 21, 42, 57, 80 km pursuant to Article 1 point 9 (e) DPCM 24/10/2020.

The will expressed by the Government is to implement these measures to allow a Christmas period in more prominent serenity and therefore, with fewer restrictions.

A vision based on these facts and on the declarations of the Prime Minister, would not only see events like ours, possible but would see them, in perspective, in a period with fewer restrictions than those in force today.

If the Prime Ministerial Decree could open up space for cautious optimism, on our part an attitude prevails aimed at facing conditions such as the current ones, with greater protection than that indicated by the protocols of the Federations.

The most important organizational phase then begins, which includes a series of exercises, tests, and field assessments of the safety protocols aimed not only at refining the procedures in place but at providing the correct training to operators and fully informing the competitors. This preparatory work will be carried out on three aspects: the relationship with the institutions, control and protection bodies, that of the operators involved in the event, and that of information to the participants.

Parallel to this, maximum protection will also be implemented for those coming from foreign countries by activating registration protection measures in the case of the event that will not take place or in case of impossibility to travel. We will provide facilitate access to health screening, where required.

We are doing so not as facing a transitory state in which we could also decide to do nothing, canceling an event and locking ourselves up at home, but we think this work represents an investment in the future and a first step for the sustainable management of a condition that it could last for years.

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