S1 Night 80 km 2022


StartBasovizza, Trieste
FinishBora Village, Sistiana
Start Time09/01, 5.00
Special Start Time09/01, 0.00
Maximum time20 h
Distance and Ascent79,1 km 2938 D+
Shuttle, before and after the raceSì, start h 5.00
Where to sleep
  • Trieste
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
N° of the refreshment points10
Certification ITRA/UTMBSi, 3 points

For gate times (Art.13), refreshment point details (Art.4), bag delivery (Art.19), start times by reservation (Art.12) and much more read the Race Rules

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S1 Night Trail Altitude Profile

9 JANUARY 2022

Night Trail completes and extends the 57km race. In 2022 we return to Slovenia!
A route that incorporates the most beautiful stretch of the 164 km (held every odd year), passing from the top of Mount Slavnik at 1000 meters high, overlooking the sea. From here you go back towards the coast crossing carriageway fields and the Crni Kal Castle and then arrive at the Socerb Castle.
A path between short but very intense climbs, fast sections interspersed with sections of technical rocks, but always with a breathtaking view.

You can choose at what time to leave by declaring it before the race. However, beware that those who leave at 0.00 are subject to the minimum time barriers indicated on the elevation profile. This means that if you arrive at the IN time barrier before a specified time, you will be stopped until the minimum time. This rule does not apply to those who leave at five


  • You leave at midnight and arrive at 8.45 am at Premuda, you have to wait until 9.00am
  • You leave at 5.00 and arrive at 8.00 at Premuda. Excellent, you can continue, the time barrier is not applied to you.

Note: the 9.00 am time barrier is updated on the first passage of the competitor who started at 5.00 am.


  • If a competitor who started at 5.00 passes the time barrier at 8.39, that is the new time barrier.

The white of the limestone of the karst ridges meets the headlamp giving suggestive reflections in a scenario where the lights of Trieste overlooking the sea are always visible in the background, a finish line that is visible but cannot be reached without effort!


It is precisely the steep climbs, the dry stone walls, and the forgotten alleys that yes overlook the unexpected views of Trieste, which lead the competitors to the Karst plateau.


A suggestive finish, which leads to the last kilometers on the rocky beach, in a finish line that is totally unexpected, which will require all the mental and physical efforts.

A magical path, entirely overlooking the city and the sea, but with unique views and an ever-varied terrain.

General map of the routes

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