S1 Urban 32 km 2022


StartMolo Audace, Trieste
FinishBora Village, Sistiana
Start Time09/01, 11.30
Special Start Time-
Maximum time8 h
Distance and Ascent28.4 km 910 D+
Shuttle, before and after the raceSi
Where to sleep
  • Trieste
  • Sistiana (Arrivo, Bora Village)
  • Zona Partenza
N° of the refreshment points3
Certification ITRA/UTMBSi, 1 points

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Profilo Urban trail 32 k 2022 Trieste

9 JANUARY 2022

The perfect synthesis of urban trail with wild nature! Departure from the very central MOLO AUDACE in piazza Unità d’Italia, on the water but with the snow-capped mountains behind. Four kilometers of urban running towards the Barcola seafront, where you take paths between the houses to get to the Obelisk of Opicina, where you meet the 21 km route

From here very fast sections and sliding where you can ask the maximum from your legs, interspersed with paths single track in a path that is never monotonous and always overlooking the sea. A true paradise for runners and trail running.

At the s1 half refreshments “real food” is consumed, from the producers of the Triestine Karst, gastronomic excellences of local productions that will offer a unique experience and journey for the palate.

The S1 Urban track follows the old paths of farmers and fishermen, those that were the first CAI 1 before it was extended and restored. An ideal race also for those who want to approach the Trail without attempting long distances or too demanding terrain and gradients.

An evocative finish line, by the sea, but without going through the rocks and the wild stretch of the Costa dei Barbari. This is to get the most of the panorama while maintaining a fast and not treacherous bottom.

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