💶 💣 race goodie bag 21 km and course preview runs

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Goodie bag S1 Half

Great news for who runs S1 Half 21 km! For S1 Half runners, this year we offer these beautiful headphones with microphone, sports bluetooth, compatible with both iphone and android. Perfect for running listening to your favorite music or talking in a car. Join now!

S1 Trail 57 km runners  will have the limited edition Wild Tee shirt: a unique garment of design and quality of Wild Tee material. Available both from man and woman. Do not risk losing or not having your size, subscribe now!

S1 Ipertrail 167 km renews its partnership with Ferrino and this year Ipertrail members will be able to choose their race package: Ferrino Malatrà Jacket or Ferrino Emilius Thermal Layer and Maglia Wild Tee Limited Edition Corsa della Bora, or Ferrino Crevacol and Wild Jersey Trousers TeeL imited Edition Bora Race.



“Test runs” along the race course
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Discover the race course in advance,  come with us on the course, open to all and free. We thought of these appointments taking into account the other events of the period, thinking of them as lightweight corsets before another race or as workouts. A common denominator for all the exits: you run at relaxed pace, to chill out and discover the path. The race is January 6th!

SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 30th: Beka ring 10 km.
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 8th(Barcolana):The Rilke Trail, 6 km
SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14th: S.Croce to Contovello, 10 km
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 22th: The Crests of Taiano, 22 km
SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29th: Among the vineyards of Terrano, 12 km
SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 11th: Coast of the Barbarians Sistiana, 6 km
SUNDAY, DECEMBER 3rd: S1Walk, Tenuta Kohisce 13 km
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 9th: Night ipertrail, 28 km

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Shuttle bus form the major cities: 
Milano, Brescia, Bologna,  Ferrara, Padova, Mestre, Vicenza, Palmanova, Lubiana, Salisburgo, Monaco
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