Race Guide info #2: Wardrobe and Bags

summarized in three points

1 - Leave a complete change with heavy clothes in a bag at the bib retreat.
2 - Bags will not be accepted at the shuttle or on the start line: it is forbidden by the protocols
3 - On arrival, you will have hot refreshment and hot area for change, but not to stop for long

wardrobe and storage bags

Many races held in the COVID era, first of all, they cut loker rooms and wardrobes altogether.

This cut was not made because of a lack of good will on the part of the organizers, but because of the difficulty of managing the gatherings and sanitization of these spaces.

Most of the protocols in place, including our AICS and FIDAL do not allow the use of loker rooms in the way we are used to.

We should therefore close this page by saying: help yourself Of course we will not.

It will be possible to have an excellent race experience, without “suffering” from changes in the covid era, but it is necessary to read and arrive prepared.


  1. Unlike in previous years, this year bags are personally deposited in the storage area will have no volume or weight limit.
  2. We will provide everyone with 2 labels that will have to be attached to the bag
  3. We will provide everyone with a plastic bag 1 extra type of waste resistant to 100 L liquids.
  4. Bags without labels will not be accepted.
  5. Bags that are not placed in a bag as in point 3 will not be accepted.
  6. Deposited bags will be sanitified with alcohol solution
  7. The storage area will be outdoors and self-service on numbered manned and ordered corridors. We recommend putting, in addition to the supplied bag, an additional insulation bag in case of bad weather.
  8. When to deposit the bags: at the time of bib withdrawal.
  9. There is no intermediate bag for the 57 km

Tip. Listen.

Leave a towel to clean the sweat in the bag, a full heavy clothes change and it might be a good idea to add a blanket. You will be able to dress in a mixed hot area as access to showers and changing rooms is not allowed. Leave the bag at the time of bib collection in the area marked with your numbers, store the position so you can find it immediately. The

only 80 km race

  1. There is an additional bag with change at km 45.
  2. The bag must be delivered at the time of the bib collection
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